My Volume Pills™ Review – Increase Semen Volume Naturally

In case you weren’t aware of it, getting old fucking sucks. Once I hit 35 I started noticing issues with my body I just wasn’t happy about. A change of diet and a lot more exercise took care of most of these age-related issues. One problem that persisted though was a decrease in sexual pleasure. After a bunch of research, I realized diet and exercise alone weren’t enough to fix this. I needed something extra. While searching online for answers, I ran across a Volume Pills™ review. I’m so glad I did.

What Exactly are Volume Pills™?

Volume Pills™ are an all-natural male enhancement supplement. They are sold exclusively by Leading Edge Health and are designed to improve sexual health. Each active ingredient in Volume Pills™ has been clinically studied and found to increase semen volume as well as testosterone levels.

Do Volume Pills™ Work?

For me, Volume Pills™ have worked wonders. Before making my purchase, though, I made sure to read as many Volume Pills™ reviews that I could find online. The vast majority of these reviews were positive. This was enough proof for me that Volume Pills™ actually worked. The few bad reviews that I did find online mentioned; “I took it for three weeks” or “I bought the one-month supply”, or something like that.

Volume Pills™ are supplements. Anyone who knows anything about supplements knows that it takes time to see the desired results. You’re not likely to see major results with Volume Pills™ until after a couple of months of taking them. I saw my initial results in the middle of my second month. The results were gradual at first, and seem to be compounding the longer I take the pills. I’m into month six right now, and each week I’m seeing better and better results.

Do Volume Pills™ only Increase Semen Volume?

Volume Pills™ were created for an overall improvement in male sexual health. The pills were designed to improve the following:

Quicker Erections – Volume Pills™ promote blood flow to the penis, which results in quicker erections.

Better Erections – Increased blood flow to the penis also results in a harder and larger erection.

Better Erection Control – Stay hard for longer, even after cumming.

Increased Testosterone Levels – Zinc, one of the active ingredients in Volume Pills™, has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels.

Improved Sex Drive – Increased testosterone levels lead to an increase in sexual desire.

Increase in Semen Volume – Volume Pills™ contain numerous active ingredients that help the body to naturally produce more semen.

Better Orgasms – Better orgasms are a direct result of your increase in semen volume. More semen means you’ll be cumming not just more, but for a longer amount of time.

My Volume Pills™ Review in Detail

Initially, I bought a 3-month supply of Volume Pills™. The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is 2 pills a day, which is what I have always taken. I take one in the morning and one before bed. The manufacturer also states that you can take more pills for a quicker result. I knew I’d be writing a review, so I wanted to make sure to follow the recommended dosage. This way, I wasn’t over-promoting the results.

Now, enough about dosages. Let’s take each one of the bold claims above and see how they pan out in real life.

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Quicker Erections

Absolutely true. This was a very gradual improvement, and I really didn’t entirely notice it until almost my third month. Since then, though, I have noticed I am constantly ready for sex and get hard at even the slightest physical contact.

This was a huge relief for me as getting hard before taking Volume Pills™ seemed to be taking longer and longer each time. There were a couple of times before that it actually took more than a few minutes of my partner sucking on me to get me hard. No guy wants to think of himself as a “limp-dick”, and I’m really happy that Volume Pills™ addressed that problem.

I’m into month six, and I’m ready to go whenever my girl is. No fluffer needed.

Better Erections

By a better erection, I mean an erection that is fatter and harder than before I started taking Volume Pills™. When erect, the length of my shaft is the same as before, but it is definitely fatter. Something my girlfriend has made a point of telling me. Apparently, the increased blood flow to my penis isn’t just good for a quick hard-on, it is literally making my dick fatter when it’s hard. My girlfriend is loving the new girth, and I’m loving her reactions when she’s taking it.

Not only is my erection fatter, but it’s harder as well. Before Volume Pills™, there were times that I wasn’t hard enough to get into my girlfriend without a little work. Not anymore. I am rock-hard from the moment I know we’re about to go until well after I cum. Just this aspect alone has greatly improved our sex life.

Better Erection Control

When I first read this claim in a Volume Pills™ review online, I didn’t even understand what erection control was. I definitely know what it is now.

Before Volume Pills™, my penis pretty much did what it wanted. Just because I was ready for sex, didn’t mean it was. This was especially the case after cumming. If my girlfriend wanted to suck me off before sex, that was it for me. I wasn’t getting hard after that. Same with continuing with sex after cumming. Once I came, it was done. My dick went soft, and that was that.

Not after a few months taking Volume Pills™, though. Starting month three, I noticed that my dick was hard for quite a while after sex. Fuck, it even stayed hard while showering after sex. I decided to put this newly-found super-power to the test one night. After a particularly fun session with my girlfriend, I pulled out and finished (a huge load which we’ll get into in a minute). The look on her face when I slid my still rock-hard dick inside of her and finished again was priceless. I had no idea that after-sex sex was better than regular sex. Now I know.

Increased Testosterone Levels

This is a hard one to quantify. I never had my testosterone levels checked before I started taking Volume Pills™, and I haven’t had them checked since taking them. What I can say is that I’m feeling the results of an increase in testosterone:

  • Increased sex drive.
  • Loss of body fat.
  • Increase of lean muscle.
  • More energy in the mornings.
  • Increase in work-outs with less fatigue.
  • More stamina.

Now, I have no idea if all of this is a direct result of Volume Pills™, or just the placebo effect because this is what I read would happen. Honestly, I don’t give a shit. I feel so much better overall now than I did before taking Volume Pills™.

Improved Sex Drive

Yup. This is most definitely the case. I am literally ready to go; morning, noon, or night. Even after morning sex, I find myself thinking later in the day, “I wonder if Natasha can meet me at home over her lunch break”.

I’ve noticed this increase in sex drive for sure, and I know that my girlfriend has. After six months on Volume Pills™, the occasional “hat-trick” isn’t even out of the question. Sex three times in one day was never a possibility before.

Increase in Semen Volume

And now for the money-shot; an increase in semen volume. This was also very gradual, starting in the middle of my second month. At first, it wasn’t much. I would cum maybe just a little more or squirt just a little higher on my girlfriend than last time. Basically, it was something only I was noticing, and I was hoping the whole time it wasn’t just my imagination.

By the middle of the third month? Forget about it! I was cumming like a fucking porn-star. I don’t just mean I was cumming 2-3 times more in that third month. Probably more like 10x more than before taking Volume Pills™. Instead of pulling out and cumming on my girlfriend’s belly, I was squirting loads on her belly and chest.

Now, after six months, I’m like a one-man Bukkake video; I can pull out, squirt, and hit her hair, face, tits, and belly. Not just once a week or day. I can do this every day, sometimes multiple times a day. The increase in semen volume I’ve seen while taking Volume Pills™ is astronomical.

Better Orgasms

The best side effect of an increase in semen volume is the intensity of the orgasm. More cum means a longer and more intense orgasm. If you think cumming feels great now, spend a few months taking Volume Pills™. You won’t believe how much better it can get.

Before when I came, it was about five minutes of build-up, with a half-a-second pay-off. After six months now taking these pills, my orgasms are so intense I literally have to catch my breath afterward. I’m cumming more, cumming longer, and each orgasm feels better than the last. This is a direct result of taking Volume Pills™.

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Volume Pills™ Side Effects and Safety

As I mentioned earlier, Volume Pills™ are an all-natural male enhancement supplement. Each ingredient is cGMP compliant and tested for purity and potency. As a result of this purity, the adverse side effects should be few or none. I can state that from day one to month six, I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects what-so-ever. This is pretty much what every Volume Pills™ review online also states.

Volume Pills™ – The Pros & Cons

As you can tell from my results, I’m a big fan of Volume Pills™. Let’s take a quick look at some of the other pros, and a couple of cons, associated with this supplement.


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Prescription Needed
  • Discreet Purchase, Billing, and Shipping


  • Price – It ain’t cheap, that’s for sure. The results though are well worth the price. I just consider it an investment in my sexual health.
  • Can’t Stop Taking – This is a supplement that changes your body chemistry. Once you stop taking the pills, you will no longer see the desired results.

Where Can Volume Pills™ be Purchased?

To ensure that you’re buying the real deal, you should only purchase Volume Pills™ from an authorized dealer. Buying them from a third party or unknown website almost guarantees you’re buying fakes with sub-par ingredients, which are not likely to work.

My Volume Pills™ Review Conclusion

Thanks for checking out my Volume Pills™ review. I can honestly say that Volume Pills™ have changed my sex-life for the better. My sex drive is through the roof, I have the stamina to keep up with it, and I’m cumming like a porn star. None of this was possible before taking Volume Pills™. I just can’t wait to see the continued improvements over the next few months.

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