SizeGenetics Review & Buyer’s Guide – Is This The Best Penis Extender For Erectile Dysfunction?

Size matters – anyone knows that. So men seeking to improve their sexual performance might have tried looking into solutions to help increase their length. Frustratingly enough, not all of the products on the market actually work, and that’s why it pays to do sufficient research before diving into a purchase.

One of the facts that will often surprise people after learning more about penis enhancers is that pills are not an FDA-approved solution. What does have the FDA’s seal of approval is the penis extender. Extenders are designed to mechanically increase the length of a man’s member, and they come in a variety of designs, but they also differ in terms of the results they provide. For this review, SizeGenetics takes front and center. Learn more about how it works and whether or not it can provide satisfying results by reading this comprehensive product review.



SizeGenetics is a brand that’s been selling penis extenders online for the past 17 years. They claim that their extender has been endorsed by doctors, and is categorized as a class 1 medical device under the FDA. It helps to extend the male organ by applying gentle, constant traction that pulls on the corpora cavernosa – the part that’s responsible for holding blood during an erection.

This constant gentle stretch encourages the tissues to elongate over time, allowing it to hold more blood and thus support a larger, more significant erection. Similarly, it will also helps you to work away fibrous plaque that could cause a bent pecker. In effect, this can help you achieve greater confidence and satisfaction during sex.


Each package comes with a set of essential parts and accessories for successful elongation. These will include a base, a headpiece, and elongation bars. To use it, the base is secured at the base of the penis, and the headpiece is attached just under the schlong’s head. The elongation bars connect from the base to the headpiece and can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension on your dong.

To get the maximum benefit out of the system, it’s imperative that you keep the device on for at least 3 hours in a day. The solution should be worn for several months to achieve its optimal effects. According to the brand, most people will notice 29% increase in their length after the first 24 weeks of use.

SizeGenetics Tension Animation

The elongation bars that come with attached can support up to 10 inches of length. It’s important to keep in mind however that men with members that exceed 9 inches might experience more discomfort. Aside from that, concealing it might be more of a challenge with longer peckers, requiring the use of baggy clothing to hide the mechanism while in use.

At first, it is likely that users experience some discomfort while using it. Some guys skip two or three days between use to help their body adjust to the change. Once you’ve fully acclimated to the feel it, it’s important that it be worn daily to achieve the effects it promises.


The brand compares their extender to a man working out in the gym. As he lifts weights, he creates micro-tears or fissures in his muscles. Over time, these fissures are filled in by muscle tissue, resulting to increased length, length, and strength of the muscles themselves.

Scientifically, this process is called cytokinesis and may sometimes also be called traction. Essentially, the growth allows more blood to flow through during an erection. With more blood, the dong becomes larger, harder, and longer, resulting to a more satisfying intimate experience.

One study conducted on 15 individuals who used the this extender for 4 hours a day during a 6 month period. After that period, each of the men were recorded to manifest an average of 1 inch growth in flaccid length, and an average growth of 0.67 inches in erect length.

In this study, it was proven that penis extenders – this system in particular – can actually cause a change in both flaccid and erect lengths.


Does it really work graph

While it is likely that you might experience discomfort and perhaps even pain during the adjustment period, the SizeGenetics system does in fact work. Wearing it 6 hours a day for a period of 6 months may show significant positive results in length. Of course, it will take time. But the results are often worth it.


The device can be purchased through the brand’s official website where they offer a range of bundle deals for different types of potential buyers. These bundles include:

The Value Package

The Value Package

Ideal for those who want a no-frills package. Includes the device itself, two sets of bars – one and two inches in length, a comfort strap, a pad, and an instructional DVD that teaches you how to properly and safely maximize the results.

The Comfort Package

The Comfort Package

For people who might have specific preferences and higher standards when it comes to comfort, then the Comfort Package can be a suitable choice. This bundle comes with all of the inclusions of the Value Package, but also tosses in 3 sets of bars and 54-way comfort system.

The Ultimate System

The Ultimate System

The Ultimate System is best suited for buyers who want a top-tier solution for willy extension. This bundle includes a number of added accessories to extend the function and efficacy of the device, and to help you achieve maximum results out of their experience. Some of the other items included in the bundle are:

  • 3M Advanced Comfort Plasters
  • MDA Multi-Directional Angling Headpiece
  • Traction Plus Power
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Carry case
  • Luxury leather case
  • Lock and key for privacy
  • PenisHealth™ DVD
  • Supplementary e-books for sexual health and fitness

The Peyronie’s and Curvature Edition

The Peyronie’s and Curvature Edition

Men who want to extend and straighten their penis can benefit from the unique system of the Peyronie’s and Curvature Edition. This package focuses equally on straightening a crooked or bent one, allowing better blood flow for a stronger, longer, more powerful erection.

Aside from the device itself, this bundle includes two DVDs – one for proper usage and another for exercise. It also tosses in some other accessories like a multi-functional head, vitamin E oil, extreme amino pills, enzyme P500, CoQ10 enzyme+, a leather case with a lock and key, and the added parts for Peyronie’s cases.

The different supplements in the package help to relieve any fibrous plaque that may have formed around, relieving any contractures and making way for a longer, straighter erection.


There have been some cases where some users experienced better results out of their use of the system compared to other men. Trying out these tips and techniques might help improve the user experience and get the best comfort and results out of this extender.

Physically Prepare the Penis

The extender might cause some discomfort especially during the first few minutes or hours after it’s worn. Preparing it can help improve the adjustment and relieve the pain that the mechanism might cause at the start. Exercises like jelqing can offer better resistance to that initial pain and discomfort. Perform the technique for 5 minutes before wearing the to ease the adjustment process.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Looking at the it, people might think that the process for wearing and using it might be pretty straightforward. That’s because it was designed to look intuitive so as to relieve some of the confusion that first time users might experience. But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to try the device straight out of the box without first reading or watching the instructions that come with it.

Before attempting anything, make it a point to go through all of the instructions first. Read any manuals and watch the entire instructional DVD to fully understand how to maximize the benefits of this extender as safely as possible.

Be Patient

Some guys might find it disheartening to wait for results that won’t show within the first few months or weeks. While it is possible for some men to experience changes in as little as 24 weeks, it’s also important to keep in mind that not all men are the same. Some will respond faster to the system than others.

Even if you don’t see any changes within the first few months, it pays to be patient. Keep using the system during the prescribed duration (6 hours) every day for at least a 6 month period to achieve significant results.

Combine the Use of Male Enhancement Supplements

There is probably no better time to use a male enhancement supplement than during the use of the system. As the extender applies tension to the tissues of the penis, the supplement encourages greater blood flow. This helps the structures of it to acclimate to the changes and increase in engorgement, thus helping the process along.

Take your time to select the best possible male enhancement supplement to get the best results out of your effort. Choose products that focus on increasing blood flow to support the effects of the SizeGenetics.

You Can Check Out These 2 Male Enhancement Supplements:


Steer clear of websites that claim to offer discounts for the device. These will often redirect buyers to a completely different website where they sell counterfeit extenders that could be dangerous to your health. Anyone interested in buying the SizeGenetics should head straight to their official website.

Aside from providing buyers protection through their double money-back guarantee, the Company also provides discount codes and vouchers directly on their website. So buyers hoping to enjoy reduced prices should check the official website for their latest offers and discounts.


Money Back Guarantee

The order process for the SizeGenetics is straightforward and easy. Shoppers have the option to pay via credit card or with Paypal. Shipping fees are computed at check-out. Complete the form with the necessary information, and a buyer can expect their package to arrive within a few days after completing the order form and settling payment. The package will arrive in a discreet, plain brown box for the buyers’ privacy.


Final Thoughts

With a little discipline and patience, the SizeGenetics system offers buyers the opportunity to experience sexual satisfaction and confidence like never before, and with their their money back guarantee, the brand essentially promises that buyers have nothing to lose since they’re open to refunds.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the device has been on the market for nearly two decades, giving it significant credibility. After all – a device that doesn’t work shouldn’t have such a long-standing reputation on a cut-throat market like male penis extension.


  • Backed and proven by clinical research and data
  • Endorsed and recommended by doctors
  • Ranked a class 1 medical device under the FDA
  • Designed for safety, resulting to minimal side-effects
  • Buyer protection with money back guarantee


  • May be pricey for some buyers
  • Takes time to show results
  • May cause some discomfort at the start


Can it be worn during sleep?

Heavy sleepers who will typically lie on their back and not move too much during sleep might be able to use the SizeGenetics system during sleep hours. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you loosen the tension slightly during sleep to avoid any untoward incidents.

How is the item shipped?

The device is shipped in a plain brown box. Unless opened, there is no way for others to know what’s inside.

How quickly does it produce changes?

This depends on several factors. Using the device for longer hours, staying committed to daily use, exercising regularly, taking supplements, and following the instructions to a tee can help speed up results.

Does it hurt?

Pain is an indication that you have either worn the device improperly, or that they’ve applied too much tension than the pecker can currently sustain. Watch the instructional DVD and understand it thoroughly to properly and safely use the SizeGenetics. For those with specific sensitivities, then the Comfort Package might be a better choice.

Can uncircumsized men use the system?

Yes, the SizeGenetics is designed for all types.

How many hours must the device be worn to gain an inch of length?

Again, it depends from person to person. But the prescribed duration is 6 hours daily.

What is the minimum and maximum penis length for the SizeGenetics system?

It will generally fit men with an erect penis length of 2 to 9 inches. Men with erect penises longer than 9 inches can purchase spare parts to fit the device.

Can men with micropenis use the system?

Unfortunately, men with erect penises smaller than 2 inches might not be able to leverage the benefits of the system.

How long do results last?

The SizeGenetics system produces a change in the structure of the tissues. These results are long-lasting and possibly permanent in most cases.

Are cheap extenders the same?

No. Cheap extenders are not designed with the same safety and comfort features of the SizeGenetics. This means they’re likely to cause injury, which makes them a dangerous choice for those who want to maximize their length without putting their health at risk.

Can the device be worn underneath clothes?

Yes. Men working to extend their lengths might want to wear baggier clothing to better conceal the device.

Does it also increase girth?

The SizeGenetics focuses more on length than girth, however there are some men who also report changes in girth. Results vary from person to person. It might be possible to achieve improvements in girth by combining the use of the device with certain other supplements.

Will it improve the quality and strength of an erection?

Yes. With greater blood flow comes a more powerful erection. To further improve these results, consider using a male performance enhancer with it.

How old should a user be?

The minimum age for the use of SizeGenetics is 18 years old. According to user accounts, men up to the age of 70 may experience positive results with the system.

Can it straighten a bent penis?

Yes. The unique Peyronie’s and Curvature Edition includes several accessories that are designed to help straighten a bent penis.

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