My Semenax Review – Bigger, Longer, & More Intense Orgasms

Remember back in the day when you wanted to – and could –  get off as many times as you wanted? If that’s not still true for you, I feel you. As men age, sperm and semen production can naturally lessen, leading to smaller loads and less pleasurable orgasms.1 And who wants *record scratch* less pleasurable orgasms?!?! 

Turns out there’s a natural way to get back up to speed, and help make every orgasm, not just more fun – but also more productive. There are many options out there, but I was looking for something science-based. And that’s how I found Semenax.

The proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients in Semenax is specifically designed to improve sexual health and performance – you’ll enjoy yourself even more with more cum, longer orgasms, higher libido, and more pleasure. And this is an all-natural formula, no prescription necessary.

What is Semenax?

The money shot. There’s a reason it’s called that. And a reason that us guys – and the women we are with – look forward to it. If you want a natural, proven way to increase your output, then Semenax is the answer.

Whether you want higher sperm count for fertility or just more volume, Semenax will get you there. Along with increased sexual health, the unique formula improved my mood and libido.

And – let’s be honest – when things are great in the bedroom, things are generally better in all areas of life. My experience is that better performance comes with higher self-confidence, something everyone can use.

Semenax was designed to increase the health and volume of seminal fluid and sperm.

But Semenax also works with your individual body chemistry to increase sexual health by boosting testosterone and semen volume – while also upgrading the rest of your life by improving mood and sex drive. This unbeatable combination brings together so many great benefits, including:

  • Natural, scientifically proven ingredients
  • Improve sperm health and prevent damage with powerful antioxidants
  • Higher sperm count and motility with vitamins and minerals
  • Better immunity, stamina, and mood with testosterone-boosting herbals
  • Trusted natural compounds for better erections, bigger loads

Semenax made me feel better about my performance in the bedroom – and in the rest of my life. Semenax has everything you need to make your sexy times even more fun, more productive, and more pleasurable for you and your partner. It did for me.

What Ingredients are in Semenax?

The unique recipe found in Semanax was created specifically to address sexual health from every angle – inside and out, everything from mood to functionality. Leading Edge Health experts used every tool in their arsenal to up seminal output and increase pleasure.

With an incredible list of herbals, vitamins, amino acids, fruit and plant extracts – each of which is backed by science – there’s no way you can go wrong. And here is the long list of ways that Semenax is formulated to make things right:

Swedish Pollen Flower

Swedish Pollen FlowerLike it or not, men’s sexual health involves prostate health. Swedish Pollen Flower fights inflammation and boosts prostate function. Improved prostate health comes from reduced lipid levels and blood cholesterol, bringing better blood flow to your erection. It’s also associated with a better mood and higher libido.

L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine HCLThis amino acid turns into nitric oxide, which makes blood vessels relax. Relaxed blood vessels lead to better circulation, including to the penis. Because of this, L-Arginine HCL is one proven way to get better, harder erections that last longer.


Another amino acid, L-Lysine, also helps reduce plaque from arteries. Because of cleaner arteries in the penile tissue, there is more blood flow and better circulation – which is helpful to keep an erection. And, as a bonus, lower anxiety has been reported with the use of this ingredient, which can also help improve libido.

Epimedium Leaf

Epimedium LeafIcariin is the active ingredient that comes from the Epimedium plant, also called “Horny Goat Weed”. This ingredient lives up to its common name by helping keep arteries dilated. When blood flow is higher, your erections will be longer and harder.

Zinc Oxide

If you want to increase testosterone – and what aging guy doesn’t? – then zinc oxide is a great ingredient. Also known as a mood booster – higher T production from this active ingredient helps with performance, including longer thrusting and ejaculation times. Which means longer sex sessions and more cum.


L-CarnitineWhen you want more cum, you need to make more protein. L-Carnitine is yet another protein-promoting amino acid that has mood and testosterone boosting effects.

Catuaba Bark

This is a long-used aphrodisiac which contains extracts said to stimulate the nervous system, and so increase sexual desire. By promoting blood flow, erections are harder and longer,  making sex feel even better – and orgasms feel even more intense.

Pumpkin Seed

While not the most exotic ingredient, pumpkin seeds are chock full of nutrients, including zinc, magnesium, and omega-3s. Benefits include healthy prostate function, increased effectiveness of other ingredients in the formula, and even lowered anxiety.


This root has a history as a long-trusted libido booster. It’s known to improve semen production, in regards to both volume and sperm count. Also called Peruvian ginseng, it is a common herbal ingredient that boosts mood and energy.

Vitamin E

Did you know this common vitamin is considered a critical ingredient to help boost testosterone? Higher T means higher sex drive, better erections, and more stamina – all of which lead to more fun and more pleasure in bed.

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc aspartate is another critical form of zinc which helps improve sexual function by helping with testosterone levels, sex drive, and stamina.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract helps produce Nitrogen. In turn, Nitrogen helps with circulation to smaller and restricted blood vessels. This helps with erections and penile function, by reducing inflammation and relaxing vessels to allow greater blood flow.

Muira Puama

A well-known ancient remedy, Muira Puama, has long been used in Asia to help men’s potency. This extract has a few other huge benefits – including harder, longer erections, more desire, and more pleasurable sensations from sex.Semenax Benefits

Hawthorn Berry

Antioxidants in Hawthorn Berry can help reduce inflammation, which in penile tissue equals more circulation and better erections. Other helpful effects include increased energy and more relaxation.


Chock full of antioxidants for improved health and reduction of inflammation, cranberry is also full of helpful Vitamins like A and C. It has long been associated with improved overall health, and helping maintain healthy function of sex glands.

Wild Oat Straw

If you’re looking for help “sowing your wild oats”, Semenax has got you covered.  Wild Oat Straw extract – where that phrase comes from – has been long used to improve mood and libido, because it helps increase testosterone and sperm count and function.


Sarsaparilla root is an ancient Chinese herbal treatment known as “Khao yen’. This root extract contains both progesterone and cortin, which help balance sex hormones and improve testosterone levels. This helps improve everything from desire to blood flow to sperm quality.

What Are the Benefits of Using Semenax?

Improvement of sexual health is a multi-layered process – and any effective supplement addresses all the areas of men’s physical and sexual vitality. From the inside out, Semenax works on all levels to make you the best you can be in terms of performance and output to the increased satisfaction of you and your partner.

With an all-star roster of performance-enhancing ingredients, Semenax made me a more motivated lover – and improved my endurance. And with all those vitality enhancing components, Semenax can help you – and your lover – enjoy the benefits together.

 With no nasty side effects and all-natural ingredients, Semenax is designed to improve sexual health – bigger loads, longer orgasms, higher sex drive. All backed by science. And in my experience, it delivers. But don’t just take my word for it.

Clinical Studies

One of the best things about Semenax is that it is backed by a clinical study. In a published study by Vedic Lifesciences, Dr. Abhay Kulkarni tested the Semenax formula and found not just increases in semen volume, but also the ability to have multiple orgasms in one night!

Additionally, many of the ingredients in Semenax also have their own clinical trials.

Catuaba bark, for example, can increase libido and act as an aphrodisiac according to a study of Asian herbals for men in Translational Andrology and Urology.2

Maca has been proven effective in mice – and men – for increasing libido in separate trials.3

A study in Advanced Nutrition reviewed the effects of several nutrients and dietary supplements, including L-Carnitine, which increases sperm health and motility.4

Horny goat weed is as impressive an ingredient as the name implies. In a Russian study, it was shown to be an effective treatment for erectile problems.Semenax Clinical Studies

When Will I See Results?

Semenax Money Back GuaranteeWith Semenax, some men start to see benefits as soon as 3 weeks! As with any natural supplement, the most benefit will be seen as the natural formula works over a period of time to fully enhance your natural chemistry. 90-120 days of use is generally when the best results are seen.

Because Leading Edge Health is so confident in the long-term benefits and natural formula of Semenax, it’s backed up by a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Is Long-term Use of Semenax Safe?

One of the biggest advantages of Semenax’s proprietary blend is the fact that it helps boost your body’s natural processes over time. And the all-natural formula means no need for a prescription – or scary side effects. In fact, using Semenax long term is the only way to maintain the benefits of this unique formula.

Why Choose Semenax?

One of the biggest advantages of the Semenax formula is that it’s tested. The formula was designed by looking for proven ingredients that are backed by scientific research. Multiple studies show the benefits of taking individual ingredients in the formula. Not only that, but Semenax has itself been scientifically tested – and shown to work.

The market is full of supplements that promise big but might not deliver. Why invest in anything that doesn’t have a proven track record? Semenax works to improve your physical output by increasing semen and sperm volume while it also works to boost your mood, testosterone, desire, and it makes sex feel even better!

 If that’s not enough reason to choose Semenax, here’s even more reasons that this product is what you need:

  • Natural Formula – Promote health from the inside out
  • No Rx, No Doctors – No appointments, embarrassing conversations, or sketchy side effects
  • Ultimate Convenience – Online ordering means Semenax shows up right to your doorstep
  • Deep Discounts for Larger Orders – It’s so simple – order more and save more
  • Money-Back Guarantee – Within the first 67 days of use, you can return the packaging and get your money back, no questions asked.

Where to Purchase Semenax

The only way to purchase genuine Semenax is online direct from the manufacturer. If you are looking to invest in a better sex life, Leading Edge Health delivers with discounts for bigger orders. One month by itself costs $59.95 but order a 3 month supply and you’ll save $85, and the discounts only go up from there. And with the 67-day money-back guarantee, you can be confident that you’ll have time to make sure it works as promised.


Increase Semen Volume And OrgasmAs we get older, we can start to feel like we’re not what we used to be in bed. There are a host of supplements out there that promise to help improve sexual health. But only Semenax has the scientific backing to help get your sex drive back and extend your pleasure – and hers.

With clinical trials on individual ingredients and a study on the overall formula, it’s easy to see that Semenax works. If you want bigger loads, more intense orgasms, and more pleasure for you – and your partner – Semenax is just what you’re looking for.


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