PhenQ Review & Buyer’s Guide – Could This Be The Best Fat Burner & Will It Pass Our Ultimate Test?

This slimming PhenQ pill says that it is able to successfully fight obese. It is also great in not limiting the actions in just one point. Rather, the PhenQ works wonders in a “cycle” against all additional stored fat and extra kilos.


Different users provided positive feedback, which is the major cause that we are reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of this effective diet supplement.  The following is a comprehensive analysis of PhenQ pill.

What’s PhenQ Pill?

This diet supplement is the modern generation slimmer that possesses several actions and an effective formula against obese.

Plus, it’s a new supplement introduced in the market as compared to other fat burning supplements. The PhenQ has successfully managed to become famous. There are many satisfied users of that is above 190,000.

Phenq Before & After

There are a lot of critics of the PhenQ pill. So, depending on their reviews, it can be concluded that all positive reviews are due to its several actions.

The users of PhenQ pill prominently mention the fight against obese (that is against additional kilos and body fat), and its preventive actions (which are against more cravings and appetite).

The PhenQ Pill’s manufacturing company says that this diet product is a powerful and new way of losing weight along with absolute respect and safety for the user’s health and body.

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How does PhenQ work?

PhenQ Slim Stomach

In the beginning, we thought that we would read all the testimonies given by its users. Hence, we will be able to get a more comprehensive view of this particular fat burning pill.

Later on, we opened the official website to learn about its features which are promoted by the PhenQ’s manufacturing company.

Thus, we have ended up with a few crucial results.

What do we mean by this?

PhenQ supplement is just like five fat burning pills in only one pill!

The users of PhenQ pill confirm that its company’s multiple actions aims at burning fat! This PhenQ pill offers five anti-fat actions that are in only one single diet supplement. It is very easy to use this pill.

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The major 5 actions of PhenQ are:

1: Action against All Body Fat

This PhenQ supplement boosts the metabolic rate of a user’s body, while it enhances fat burning. It’s accomplishable by the chemical process known as thermogenesis. In this process, the body temperature of its users increases and fat loss maximizes.

2: Action against the Production of Body Fat

The user’s body generally produces fats that are stored in the fat places for having energy if required. This PhenQ supplement drastically decreases the production of fat that ultimately does prevent fat build-up and weight gain.

3: Action against More Appetite and Follow-Up

Our increased appetite level, along with cravings, is the biggest “enemy” of burning fat.  By using the PhenQ pill, your appetite is decreasing & you can control your cravings. Hence, consumption of all excess calories is limited in a day.

4: Action against Cutting and Discharge

A lot of people who start going into any slimming programs typically show different signs of low energy, fatigue, and exhaustion. These facts affect their routine lives (activities, work, and obligations). 

The company states that this PhenQ pill assists you a lot in the recovery of your lost energy”, and does feel full of energy and efficient throughout the day. It is so because of PhenQ pill’s specific formula along with the energy-boosting ingredients in it.

5: Action against Bad Mood

Hana Good Mod phenq

This isn’t a false thing! People, doing a diet & trying to lose their weight, usually have irritability, bad mood, and cyclothymia.

The PhenQ diet supplement keeps its users in a good mood. Hence, PhenQ raises the chances of good results.

It’s crystal-clear that those who are giving the testimony regarding PhenQ pill. We refer to those who have already tested this pill – mention different abilities of the PhenQ to fight against fats producing good results.

Most users have given a detailed review of this pill. They managed to “reach their target” whether they’re referring to the higher weight or some kilos.

Definitely the effects of any dietary supplement cannot always be similar for everybody! Each and every person is quite different from one another, so they’re reacting in a totally different way.

How to use the PhenQ Pill?

The use of this diet supplement is very much easy, even for those having a workload, complex working hours, and specific conditions in their diets.

You should take PhenQ two times in a day – one pill along with the breakfast & one capsule with the main meal (dinner or lunch). Every pack does contain sixty pills.

CAUTION: Don’t exceed RDA, because it might have any side effects! Also, the active capacity of this food supplement doesn’t increase along with the increased dosage proposed by its manufacturer.

NOTE: Its manufacturing company does recommend the perfect use of two pills per day – one supplement with the breakfast and one supplement at noon! If you take this supplement after afternoon, then it would cause sleep disorders due to the caffeine content! Those having caffeine sensitivity must decrease caffeine intake while taking PhenQ treatment. Products just like energy supplements, coffee, energy drinks, cocoa, soft drinks, and chocolate might affect your body & create serious issues of irritability, nervousness, and insomnia!


PhenQ is the fat burning pill that is appropriate for both women and men. The use and the dosage are similar for both women and men! The RDA is two pills a day.

Besides, this food supplement is one-hundred percent appropriate for people who only eat vegetables. To be more accurate – as we have checked the entire list of the PhenQ components – it is a supplement that is 100 percent appropriate for the vegetarians and even for the vegan diet!

Are there any contraindications to the PhenQ Pill?

This pill is a diet supplement that does not need any medical prescription. But, as for the ALL Dietary Supplements, the medical confirmation is recommended for taking this in the following cases:

  • woman while breastfeeding
  • the person suffering from some illness
  • the person has some medical history
  • woman while pregnant
  • the person is a kid
  • the person does take medications

What’s the PhenQ’s composition?

What impressed everyone was the “specific” formula that is on the official website.

Hence, we decided to conduct research a little more on this “slimming” formula for finding out the real effective capacities of this pill.

Its efficacy along with its superiority to the other liposoluble items – according to the company is solely based on the unique formula of PhenQ & above all, its “secret” ingredient.

PhenQ Supplement Facts

This secret ingredient of PhenQ pill is a-LACYS RESET®. It’s an active component which, as the clinical studies show, can decrease fat and body weight while helping to boost muscle mass.

The experts state that the most effective way to boost the rate of metabolic and slimming is to enhance muscle tissues in your body!

This a-LACYS RESET® is a patented formula. It’s a very active component that is from the synergistic compound of CYS and ALA.

The action of this is like a cell redox regulator. Basically, this specific ingredient brings a balance between neutralization and production of all free radicals. It’s accomplished through activating the aerobic metabolism that is in mitochondria.

And, in a simple and easy way:

  • decreases fatigue
  • assists in recovery
  • boosts energy levels
  • enhances mood

The α-LACYS RESET® finds different applications and does present so many benefits to your daily life. A few major advantages of the substance include:

  • anti-aging
  • menopause
  • slimming
  • training
  • detoxification

Along with “secret component” α-LACYS RESET®, the PhenQ supplement does contain some other effective ingredients that do the slimming activity.

All ingredients that are in the PhenQ pill and complete the action of its major secret component are below:

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1. CAPSIMAX Powder

It’s a mix of different ingredients that raise body temperature – through thermogenesis – & body slimming throughout a day. The components include caffeine, capsicum, niacin (vitamin B3), and piperine.

NOTE: Component Piperine – besides a good thermogenic effect – possesses the ability to avoid the adipocytes formation. It means that this does prevent the possibilities of recovering the fats already lost.

Also, the choice of piperine and capsicum as crucial components of PhenQ pill isn’t made just randomly. Due to their intense fat-burning action and thermogenic, the ingredients are general in slimming pills.

The same thing does apply to caffeine that is also found in a lot of dietary pills of fat-burning. It helps in increasing the levels of energy and combat exhaustion and fatigue, which is due to the fat-burning process.



This is a metal which is found majorly in vegetables, meat, and whole grains. Chromium is quite effective in combating cravings and particularly in fighting against cravings for carbohydrates, sweets, and sugar.

Also, Chromium activity is proved scientifically as well. It’s achieved via controlling the levels of blood sugar. By consuming a sufficient amount of chromium, the cells start storing the sugar in a really essential way that results in a low desire for the carbohydrate and sweet snack. Its result? You will burn fat much easier!

It’s a fact that the craving for carbohydrates and sweets is the biggest enemy of a diet!



It’s not the most famous slimming ingredient. According to a study, it has dynamically entered the branch of weight loss pills.

It’s a cactus. Its crucial feature is the higher content of fiber in it. And, it’s well known that fiber is an appropriate method for controlling appetite and increasing fat-burning. All nutritionists recommend a diet enriched with fiber for quick and easy weight loss.

Plus, the specific cactus is enriched with crucial amino acids for a body, feeding this with energy & combating the feeling of tiredness.

Lastly, nopal cactus does fight fluid retention & feeling of flatulence that makes you feel lighter and healthier.



It’s a natural component and particularly a crucial amino acid that is found majorly in foods including nuts, red meat, and green vegetables.

The amino acid boosts the fat-burning in a body which ultimately helps in converting this into energy. Thus, you start losing fat and feeling full of power and energy.

5. Caffeine


Caffeine is very famous. This ingredient is found in many slimming pills, and almost in every energy drink. It’s a great natural stimulant that helps in increasing alertness, energy, whilst it decreases fatigue & assists in getting fast focus.

In addition, according to many scientific studies, its use might help you in controlling appetite levels, whilst also contributing to the thermogenesis process, burning fat.

It is not a coincidence that a lot of athletes – just before their training sessions – drink the espresso for increasing performance.

Price and Purchase of PhenQ Pill

Every pack contains sixty supplements equivalent to the RDD for one-month treatment.

The PhenQ pill is sold via its official site & shipped to the chosen destination (across the world).

Every PhenQ bottle is charged for 69.95 dollars, with a ten dollars discount from the starting price of 79.95$.

Along with the purchase of two PhenQ bottles, you’ll get one free bottle for 139.90 dollars, with a hundred dollars discount from the initial price at 239.85$.

PhenQ Purchase

Lastly, the most suitable package that is offered by the PhenQ’s company is 3 PhenQ bottles that take another two bottles of PhenQ free, with one free ADAVANA CLEANSE bottle of 189.95 dollars, with the discount of about 210.00 dollars from the actual price of about 399.75 dollars.

Phenq Price

The shipment is cost-free for an order – either for one bottle or more bottles.

Is there any guarantee for purchasing the PhenQ Pill?

Its answer is yeah! Its manufacturing company gives you a cash back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the PhenQ pill. The guarantee is valid for sixty days and does aim to build faith between its consumer and the company.

The essential thing is to return the package of PhenQ within 67 days.

Its company does promise a complete refund – along with an exception of the shipping costs which might have occurred & charged.

Why must I buy PhenQ?

We have found a lot of different reasons why most users trust the PhenQ for their fat-burning. The most crucial ones include:

  • it’s simple to use
  • it’s legal
  • does not need any medical prescription
  • combat thickness in five different ways
  • provides proven results
  • compatible with vegans and vegetarians
  • it’s like five fat-soluble pills in one
  • 100 percent safe
  • Doesn’t interact with the other substances
  • gives financial offers
  • includes the money back guarantee
  • is a 100 percent natural product

Pros & Cons of PhenQ Pill


  • world famous company
  • economic offers
  • has effective results (that are certified by most user testimonials)
  • organic product without any side effects
  • a perfectly safe and legitimate product


  • not good for the breastfeeding women
  • it’s suggested not to take if you’re on medication
  • pregnant women should not take it
  • not suitable for people having some serious disease
  • it is not for minors

It’s recommended that the PhenQ pill must be used by the consent of his or her medical examination and individual physician.

What PhenQ Pill users say?

Valerie Before And After

At the PhenQ Pill’s official site, you might find several product testimonials – from women and men with different initiating weight & weight loss targets.

We found different testimonials that are posted on the web which are most satisfactory and show good results after the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the PhenQ Pill?

A: This is a legal and effective slimming pill with five-way action for the remarkable and fast results.

Q: Has the PhenQ Pill any negative effects?

A: No negative effects are reported for its use.

Q: How would I come to know that this supplement is suitable for me?

A: This product is appropriate for anyone who needs to burn fat and improves the quality of his or her life – for men and women – regardless of body weight.

It’s recommended to not use (without the medical prescription) by breastfeeding mothers, adolescent, pregnant, and people suffering from some illness or those undergoing medication. Hence, in these situations, PhenQ Company recommends medical consent first.

Q: Does the PhenQ really work?

A: Yeah! There’re so many good user testimonies that prove its positive action.

Q: How much charges one PhenQ package?

A: Every pack of the PhenQ has sixty pills. It’s charged at 69.95 dollars. But, the company gives different great deals in case you select to buy more than one PhenQ bottle in one order.

Q: How many supplements should I take per day?

A: The prescribed Daily Dose RDD is two pills per day! However, the abuse is prohibited (because it might cause negative effects). It’s forbidden to consume more than two pills a day.

Is the PhenQ Pill similar to phentermine?

What makes this a drug appropriate for a few patients having obesity & not for those with excessive weight? The answer to this is pretty much justified and simple! It is due to its harsh negative effects which are generally sourced through this anti-obesity supplement.

Yeah, side effects that are prohibited by the Phentermine usage are a bit serious to suppress its strong fat-burning effects.

Hence, health care providers and doctors recommend phentermine to those patients who need to lose weight, after completely examining their history and medical condition.

Phentermine, due to the large variety of negative effects, has not received the ‘certified as secure’ from the FDA.

Thus, it’s the main reason why this drug is just accessible via a proper recommendation.

Well, the bad thing about Phentermine doesn’t end here!

This has even more!

The effect of this drug, which is its slimming power, is just generated for a limited period.

As the body does become tolerant to the appetite oppressing formula, such effects are ceased.

Several people who have used this drug have also observed to again become fat. Also, Phentermine isn’t guaranteed for working for everyone!

Yeah, despite the fact it does hold strong fat-burning properties; such side effects aren’t assured to be seen by all!

Phentermine and PhenQ are the same in the below mentioned ways:

  1. PhenQ and Phentermine both assist in shaping the body by cutting the unwanted and excess kilos in a few weeks.
  2. The components each are very strong in oppressing the appetite that is good for a decline in weight.
  3. Both of these have fat-burning agents that help you in boosting your levels of energy so that the body remains charged, regardless of how less you’re eating!
  4. Phentermine isn’t good for pregnant mothers & so is the PhenQ.

PhenQ and Phentermine are not similar in the below mentioned ways:

  1. Negative effects of the Phentermine suppress its slimming effects; but, PhenQ is the safe diet supplement which has not been linked with some serious or minor side effects.
  2. Phentermine is the prescribed medicine which is good for some patients having obesity. On the other side, PhenQ, is the OTC which is appropriate for every person who is seeking a suitable fat-burning agent!
  3. Phentermine is the product which isn’t approved by the FDA whereas the PhenQ pill is composed in the GMP certified lab & is also approved by the FDA.
  4. Also, Phentermine is the stimulant. There is no stimulant used in PhenQ supplement.
  5. Phentermine is the drug that is made from the synthetic components while PhenQ is totally free from the artificial ingredients. Its formula is made with natural components.
  6. The Phentermine’s effects are for a short period of time whereas the use of PhenQ pill is advantageous in the long-term.
  7. Phentermine is effective for the fat-burning purpose. However, in the case of PhenQ, it’s pretty different. PhenQ’s formula for the weight loss contains multiple actions as this helps in shedding all spare kilos and stick to the healthy weight.

Important Point

Important Point

Hence, do you want to use an organic substitute of the Phentermine, the agent which does hold the potential of generating similar appetite removing effects, even without any negative effects for the health?

Yeah, PhenQ pill is the natural and safe substitute of the Phentermine’s formula!

Concluding Words

100 approved

The PhenQ Pill is a 100 percent natural supplement respecting your health and body. Its company is a reliable and well-known that offers a carefree and safe transaction to its consumer.

There are a lot of positive testimonies that are found on the web for the confirmation of its effective abilities against excess body weight and fat.

It’s an entirely safe pill that isn’t requiring any prescription. Because of its absolutely top quality and natural composition, it respects your body completely and gives results even without having any negative effects.

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