NooCube Review – Find Out If This Is One of The Best Nootropics on The Market

What are Nootropics?

NooCube Review

Before we go into what NooCube is, it is essential to understand the term ‘Nootropics’ and how they affect users.

Nootropics are natural supplements which aim at enhancing concentration, memory function, concentration, and critical thinking. Generally, they improve brain function and are often referred to as ‘smart’ pills.

Introduced in the 1970s, ‘Nootropics’ is the conventional term for supplements that have a stimulating effect on the brain. 

What is NooCube?

NooCube is a supplement that has a Nootropic effect.  It functions by boosting the user’s cognitive abilities if consumed regularly. The amount taken is directly proportional to how alert the user will be. People who take more tend to be more stimulated brain-wise, and users who take it in little quantities experience minor stimulation.

Created by neuroscientists, the formula is completely safe and poses no health risk to users of the supplement. All ingredients in NooCube are clinically tested for safety purposes of ensuring its effectiveness, and some of the ingredients present treat other ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Once you consume it, the effect of this Nootropic will start working in 30 minutes or so. Therefore, you will be able to focus more, react faster, and think clearly.

You will be more productive if you’re on high alert. In the end, you have more energy for work.

Noocube Ingredients

How Does NooCube Work?

NooCube supplements are easier to make since they target only one organ, that is, the brain.

This is contrary to other supplements such as testosterone boosters, protein powders and fat burners which target various organs and muscles in the body.

By virtue of the brain being the most complex organ, manufacturers of NooCube have dug deep into the database that is the composition of the ingredients.

No fluff ingredients are added to ensure maximum effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

NooCube Ingredients

All the ingredients in the NooCube supplements do not contain caffeine and are non-GMO, but, it is essential to note that NooCube is neither gluten-free nor vegan-friendly.

The formula comprises of these 9 ingredients:

IngredientQuantity Per Stack
Alpha GPC50 mg
Oat Straw Extract150 mg
Resveratrol14.3 mg
Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat’s claw)175 mg
L-Theanine100 mg
Bacopa Monnieri Extract250 mg
Pterostilbene140 mg
L-Tyrosine250 mg
Huperzia Serrata (0.5% Huperzine- A)20 mg

This ingredient boosts the production of acetylcholine. The neurotransmitter that directs the neurons in the nervous system for purposes of muscle activation, and it enables the neuro signals to be processed by the neuro cells. The absence of this acetylcholine may trigger negative thinking or an aggressive physical state.

Alpha GPC works by counteracting such effects from taking place. The brain has different neurotransmitters, which all perform different roles, and acetylcholine’s primary function is to boost memory and concentration, which majorly aids in learning.

Chewing oat straws for medicinal purposes has been around for centuries now. Oat straw has been clinically tested to enhance brain performance through the production of Alpha 2 (also known as alpha waves). When an inflammation occurs in the artery, the brain naturally produces alpha waves.

Ingestion of oat straws will trick the brain into thinking that inflammation has occurred in one of the arteries. As such, production of Alpha 2 is stimulating, and there will be increased blood flow to the brain.

Traditionally, this ingredient was known as the Cat’s claw. It is rich in antioxidants which help in eliminating free radicals. The damage caused by free radicals occurs from a cellular level, and this is likely to have adverse effects on the brain.

Antioxidants also slow down the process of aging, which means the brain of the user will remain active for as long as he is on the supplement. On-going studies show that other than keeping the mind on alert, Cat’s claw can help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

These are two amino acids that supplement each other in the body, and L-Theanine brings about a sense of clarity. Therefore, lowers the stress levels. On the other hand, L-Tyrosine raises alertness and improves focus. When these two components are combined, the result is that you're left feeling focused with little or no traces of stress.

It works by repairing damage present in the neuron cells of the brain, and various factors cause damage like that. Some of them are an unhealthy lifestyle (for instance, excessive drinking and smoking) and tends to inhibit proper brain function. The Bacopa Monnieri extract boosts the production of neuron cells. It was traditionally used to treat older people who had a decline in brain function. Other than improving the performance of one’s brain, Bacopa Monnieri is known for these additional benefits:

It is a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants prevent cell damage that may be caused by harmful molecules.

It reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is linked to various chronic diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Bacopa Monnieri inhibits the formation of these diseases by suppressing the production of cytokines, and these are molecules that stimulate the inflammatory process.

It reduces symptoms of ADHD.

ADHD is an acronym referring to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a disorder that is commonly characterized by impulsivity, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity. A recent study carried on 31 children between the ages of 6 and 12 showed when 225 mg of this ingredient was consumed daily for 6 months, and the following symptoms reduced significantly in 85% of the children in question:

  • Poor self-control
  • Impulsiveness
  • Inattention
  • Incognition

It reduces stress and anxiety

Bacopa Monnieri reduces stress levels by elevating one’s mood. It is an adaptogenic herb. This means that it has the capability of building the body’s resistance against stress.

It lowers blood pressure

Bacopa Monnieri extract is known to reduce both diastolic and systolic pressure levels. It is therefore recommended to individuals with high blood pressure.

It prevents the formation of cancerous cells.

The anticancer properties found in Bacopa Monnieri are known to kill even the most aggressive tumor cells. Test tube studies have also shown that the extracts found in Bacopa kill skin and breast cancer cells.

This is one of the antioxidants that diminish stress triggered by the oxidative process. It also eliminates free radicals and is often used as a single ingredient in other supplements. Studies show that regular intake of Resveratrol prevents the hippocampus from deteriorating. This is the section of the brain that is associated with memory.

This is another antioxidant that is said to counteract the effects of oxidative stress. High levels of Pterostilbene promote alertness through the increase of blood supply to the brain.

The role of Huperzine-A is to boost Alpha GPC’s effects. The human body naturally produces acetylcholine. Subsequently, it produces a neurotransmitter which tends to block the effectiveness of acetylcholine. This blocking substance is known as acetylcholinesterase. It affects the body’s cognitive function and if not combatted, leads to a reduction in brain stimuli. Huperzine-A counteracts this reduction by lowering acetylcholinesterase levels in the body. The lower the acetylcholinesterase levels, the higher the acetylcholine levels. In other words, they are inversely proportional.

Is NooCube Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

Are There Any Side Effects?

NooCube’s formula is 100% natural which makes it safe for all users. The natural ingredients further ensure that no effects shall be suffered by the user whether the supplement is taken on a short term or long term basis. Furthermore, NooCube supplement is not addictive and therefore users can stop taking it at any time without having to worry about suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

The ingredients were tested for decades before finally being combined to form the NooCube supplement. Each ingredient is unique and serves a purpose independent from the other. The effects of NooCube are only attainable thanks to all the ingredients that have been put together.

What is The Recommended Dosage?

Each bottle of NooCube supplement contains 60 capsules. The recommended average is two capsules per day. Therefore, one bottle will last you one month.

You should take one capsule of NooCube in the morning after breakfast, and others after dinner.

New users of NooCube supplement should start by taking one capsule per day, and you can decide on what time to take it. However, you need to make sure there's a 24-hour interval between them, and after that, you'll get used to the supplement. After that, you can then increase the dosage to 2 capsules per day, as recommended above.

Who Makes NooCube?

Bauer Nutrition is making NooCube Supplements. This is a well-known company in the field of supplements and their products are guaranteed to show the expected results within the stipulated period.

Where to Buy?

We recommend you avoid buying NooCube supplements from an online platform such as Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, and GNC.

Like all other supplements, you need to buy it from the official website only. It will ensure you get original products and avoid scam. Purchasing from the official website will ensure you get benefits. Some of them include a money-back guarantee and promotional codes.

How Much It Costs?

$ 39 .99
  • 60 Capsules
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Savings $15.00
  • Retail: $54.99
$ 119 .99
  • 360 capsules
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Savings: $120.00
  • Retail: $239.99
$ 79 .99
  • 180 capsules
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Savings: $40.00
  • Retail: $119.99

Refund Policy

The official website of NooCube states that users can cancel their orders at any time. After That This happens in the event that shipping has not yet taken place. If a user is finding it difficult to cancel an order, he should write a notice of cancellation to the company’s customer service at

If the product is already shipped, the customer can return the supplement within 14 days of receiving it. Any product sent back after the stipulated period will not be accepted.

Pros & Cons of NooCube Supplement


  • The supplement is all natural. This prevents the occurrence of allergies or other negative side effects such as anxiety, skin rash, weight loss, upset stomach, among others.
  • It contains ingredients that are highly effective. All ingredients present in NooCube supplement have been clinically tested to ensure that users achieve the best results.
  • It leads to an improvement in brain function. The Alpha GPC ingredient especially boosts concentration and focus, making the user mentally active throughout the day.
  • It protects the brain from nerve damage. Oat Straw extract is responsible for the protection of nerve damage through the production of alpha waves (Alpha 2).
  • It improves communication of the brain neurons. When neuro signals are effectively transmitted, oxygen supply to the brain is increased. Consequently, blood flow to the brain increases, making the user alert and focused.
  • The package comes with free shipping. Users from all over the world can order as many bottles as they want without having to worry about the shipment charges.


  • The product can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. This makes it inconvenient for people who like to buy their products physically
  • When NooCube is taken late into the night, it may cause an over-stimulation of the brain. This will make it quite difficult for the user to fall asleep. Insomnia will further lead to fatigue the following day. As such, the user will be less productive in his daily activities.
  • The price of the supplement may be costly to some people.

Final Words

As people age, the brain tends to function at a slower rate. This is a completely normal occurrence and it should not be a cause for alarm.

Acceptance is the first step to getting brain boosting treatment. Once users acknowledge that they are in need of a supplement, they can embark on their journey of NooCube. Known for its memory-boosting capabilities and mental clarity, this supplement will go a long way in ensuring the user does not get mentally detached from the world they are in.

Contrary to popular opinion, NooCube is not just for old people who are slowly losing their brain function. People with the following brain disorders can also opt to take the supplement:

  • Alzheimer’s DiseaseEpilepsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke
  • Transient Ischemic Attack
  • Dementia
  • Seizures
  • Other mental disorders
Final Words

Therefore NooCube supplement is best for proper brain functioning, so both men and women use it. As a way of taking precaution, its advisable that people get on supplements from as young as 30 years old.

Using NooCube will not only ensure that your memory is intact. And in turn, it will be a preventive step from diseases. Some of them include cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson Disease.

The supplement has no doubt earned its place in the market. It is the go-to choice for anyone who would like to take a laid back approach to brain boosting.

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