News from the Field: WGEP Kenya

145 Women Participate in WGEP Kenya Adult Literacy Classes
WGEP Kenya's Adult Literacy program held classes for women in six villages with 145 total attendees. In addition to studying basic literacy and math, the women share ideas and tips for income-generating activities, and for managing family commitments to prioritize study time for their children--especially their daughters. They also collectively vowed to refuse female genital mutilation for their daughters and serve as role models for the empowerment of women.

WGEP Kenya Gatunga Scholars Receive De-wormers
In 2010, Gatunga Primary School received health information and de-wormers from a health community workerwith the Ministry of Health, Marimanti Hosptial.

WGEP Kenya Molding Clubs Reach 500 Children
WGEP Kenya's "Molding Clubs" program reached 500 boys and girls from eight villages in 2010. This is up from 350 participants and five villages the year before. Molding Clubs provide girls and boys with opportunities to break down gender barriers and work together on community issues important to them. This year Molding Club participants learned and worked together on topics such as health, adolescent well-being, personal relationships, decision-making skills, girls' education, women's rights, and ecological and economic projects such as chicken rearing and tree planting.

Published by: Women's Global Education Project Women's Global Education Project
02 Jun 2011 18:09 GMT
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