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CHAD - The polio vaccination campaign in Chad, is part of a global push to eradicate the crippling disease. Its success has been largely attributed to a major vaccination drive with millions of volunteers combing the country to vaccinate every single child, as well as an increase in access to clean water, sanitation and nutrition to help children absorb the vaccine and prevent the virus from spreading.

CONGO - Health authorities in the Republic of Congo have recorded 340 cases of cholera, nine of them fatal, since June 2011, in the northern district of Likouala, and have warned that the disease continues to spread and that some health centres lack sufficient treatment.

DR CONGO - Efforts to combat the spread of cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remain underfunded, the United Nations humanitarian office reported today, saying the lack of access to potable water is the single most important cause of recurring outbreaks of the disease in the country.

ETHIOPIA says that the double-digit economic growth the country has experienced over the last seven years has started benefitting its majority by boosting their income and productivity in agriculture and small-scale businesses. While the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank state that the country has registered 8.7 percent GDP growth, the government claims the economy has grown by 11.4 percent.

MOROCCO - Independent United Nations human rights experts today called on Morocco to consolidate and advance the country’s achievements on women’s rights by tackling gaps in its legal framework which put women at a disadvantage, adding that domestic and migrant workers are at higher risk of having their rights violated


BANGLADESH's capital, Dhaka, is ill-prepared for earthquakes due to lack of awareness and unplanned urbanization, say experts.


SYRIA - Experts worry that Syrians will have increasing problems accessing food in the coming months, as prices rise, conflict disrupts supply lines, dwindling finances strain subsidies and imports face challenges.

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