Men encourage women on Women's Day

WED Trust has organised a work shop on Gender Sensitization among the Girl Child Families at Chellampatti. 30 persons including 5 men attended from 27 families. They were educated with the film shows and discussion on what are the impacts on these type of families and how we could over come. The founders of WED Trust spoke on the scientific reasons on who are the responsible for the birth of girl or boy. How women are subordinated by the so called male dominant society, religion and cultural practices. They also explained number of ways on how we should treat both men and women equal.

Many women expressed that this meeting has encouraged them to become more confident in the life. It is interesting that men participated and spoke at the feedback session who encouraged women to make their children study well and do not feel for having only girl children.

Published by: WED Trust Women's Emancipation and Development Trust
17 Mar 2013 13:11 GMT
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