Role of N.G.O.s

Hello Ammado friends.  Greetings from UNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, Tamilnadu, India and I am Mrs. M. Mary Vijaya, chief functionary of the organisation.  Regular Governments of any conutries manage their routine works suchas internal administration, external relationships and so on.  During natural calamities, the first agencies present at sites are the N.G.O.s in any country.  Supporting the N.G.O.s in any form is the duty of every citizen of nations in this world.  Asfar as I am concerned, I took voluntary retirement after 22 years of teaching service to establish this organisation.  We have in mind manything like homes for the old aged and more, but financial constraint is the major problem, ofcourse many N.G.O.s face.

So, kindly donate for N.G.O.s especially, the grassroot organisations.

Thanks for your time to read this post.

Mrs. M. Mary Vijaya,

Chief functionary

Unity Charitable Trust, Tamilnadu, India

28 Jan 2010 19:24 GMT


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