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Dear readers,
SSF is working with Socheat as a pilot project throughout the Kampong Speu province to show the community that people with Cerebral Palsy can indeed become independent members of society. SSF employs a physiotherapist who graduated advance degree on physiotherapy skills from Singapore to restore some basic motor functions. With the results, Socheat is able to learn walking and eating after one year and half received assistances. In comparison to the beginning we found that her life absolutely changes but her dream to go school like other children couldn’t possible. Additionally, Socheat’s mother [who infects by HIV/AIDs more than 9 years] isn’t sure yet whether she can see Socheat is able to responsible on herself or not before she passes while she hopes at most.  SSF wants to develop their dreams to come true but unless SSF helps by you.
Throughout Southeast Asia, specifically Cambodia, there is widespread discrimination, neglect, and even violence towards the disabled population, specifically people with Cerebral Palsy (CP). In Kampong Speu, one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia, high incidences of CP coupled with the majority of families neglecting their children create a growing problem that is in dire need of a solution. 
Even though, a reliable count of the current disabled population is not available, however, it is generally accepted that Cambodia has one of the highest rates of disability in the world and that approximately 21% of the disabled population are children. The most common types of disability among children in Cambodia are Polio, hearing and visual problems and problems relating to the brain such as Cerebral Palsy and emotional and behavioral problems. Source: WorldEnable
The Sao Sary Foundation (SSF) in a governmentally recognized, non-profit organization that provides a proactive approach to helping at-risk children and impoverished families through a variety of programs. One of our main pilot programs is to become the voice of the over 400 palsy children in Kampong Speu. This year, we have begun to financially support one child with CP, Socheat Seang who lives with HIV/AIDs mother. In a short period of time, Socheat has been able to a little speak, sit, lie on and get up, and control her body. 
We hope to use Socheat’s success story to inspire other children and families who have children with CP to not give into stereotypes. People with CP are capable of being self-sufficient, and at SSF we are trying to spread this value across the country, starting with Socheat.
In order to help solve misconceptions and seek justice for people living with CP, we need your help to Socheat and other cases.  This year we call for financial support $3,081.50 for more children with CP. Your donations will go towards supplies such as wheelchairs and therapy tools, as well as hiring physiotherapist and caregiver to provide physical and occupation therapy services to those CP children and etc.
By helping children with CP gain economic, SSF believes that their families and the community will no longer shun their neighbors with CP. Additionally, palsied children will gain back their sense of self, no longer feeling victimized, but now as a contributing member of society.
SSF ensures that all donated money complies directly with your personal requests. SSF provides detailed documentation, photographs, and constant monitoring of your donation. Please visit our website at http://ssfcambodia.org/index.php?page=cerebral-palsy for cerebral palsy project and more other projects please visitwww.ssfcambodia.org.
Sincerely Yours,
Vichetr Uon,
21 Apr 2010 01:27 GMT


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