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Seasonal greetings from Reaching Hand, Bangalore!

We would like to communicate our heartfelt thanks to all our donors for their continuing support and faith in our work. We would like to thank you for choosing to make a difference in the lives of our children. We are grateful for your support and want to share the joy and excitement of our children as they continue to grow. Our children continue to amaze us with their creativity, resilience, and enthusiasm to achieve positive results through their hard work.  As always, we could not do what we do without your support. 


The last quarter was very exciting and eventful time for our children as they had to go to the school after having an awesome summer holidays ever. There was a mixed feeling among all the children. Some were excited because they will be meeting their friends…. some were overjoyed as they like going school and some were reluctant because they have to do the homework and listen to the teachers again.

Though they started with mixed responses; they continue to surprise us with their skill and talents. It is barely a month since school began and we are very happy to note that TEN of our children from St. Michael`s School have been chosen as Prefects and Monitors and among those Thomba & Thotsem have been chosen as Captains and Chuimayo as the Prefect for IX Standard.                                      

What better we could expect from our children as they have been chosen as leaders in their respective classes which is our ultimate vision. They could achieve it because of their steep determination and hard work and we are sure they would continue to do so in the future too.


Through this report we would like to share the individual achievements of few of our children so that you can understand how focused our staffs are in our approach of making today’s destitute into tomorrow leaders.

Recently two of our boys Raju and Ranjit from St. Paul School won two trophies each in 200 and 100 mtrs running race. We are really proud of them and forced to look back when Raju was diagnosed as having a hole in his heart 6 years ago. He used to get breathless every time he exerted himself. Today by God`s grace he is completely healed and bringing glory to our home. To the other hand, Ranjit was an abandoned street kid who used to pick up garbage for his living and now there is a complete transformation. Whenever this kind of kids do something great we feel proud and become extremely thrilled in their small achievements.


Chuimayo represented his School St. Michael at the 5th state Level Olympics held in July and won a Bronze for 4x100m relay. In cricket, volleyball and basket ball he won the silver medal (the runners up team) at School’s annual day event. His football team also represented the School  at the Inter School Meet at Christ Academy. 

Umesh – a born athlete won gold for football, gold for Long Jump, gold for 50 mtrs running race and silver for cricket. Also has been selected to represent his School for Athletics event at the State Level to be held in Coorg on Sept 20th.

Arun won a Gold medal as his team emerged winners in a cricket match in the school. He also won a silver medal for the runners up Football Team.

Thotsem won a silver medal in Football, gold in Cricket, Gold in Long Jump and Third Prize in Essay Writing.

Surya won two gold medals for 200m athletics and football respectively. 

Sanju- a sensational singer won the first prize again in solo singing event and third prize on recitation.

Elisha – a dream cricketer won a gold medal in cricket and silver in football.

Tomba - 50mtrs running race -Silver, Long Jump-Silver and in Essay Writing - First Prize.

Stephen and Varun represented their School at St.Joseph Inter School Football Tournament and won the Excellent Achievement award.

Ritu...Participated in Throw ball, volleyball and her Team won the Winners Shield. She also got the excellent citizenship award and the English speech award.

Ruth....Won the Prize for News Reading Competition

Jyothi...Got a certificate academics and the excellent citizenship award.

Pooja...won a certificate for recitation.

Blessy P ....won the second prize e in Running Race. 3rd place in singing competition.

Sneha...won the 2nd place in Elocution

Monisha....1st prize in Shotput and 2nd place in 100m running race.

The London Olympic was on the air and that inspired us was the answer when we asked them about their success in the school annual sport event.

On 14th August, all the children attended a Painting Competition organized by United Way of Mumbai. They were most excited because for them it was a BIG OUTING and an opportuniteis to get lots of snacks and goodies. The organizer had three prizes to announce but seeing the paintings of our children, they were compelled to give away fourth prizes too. Amongst all the kids Surya, Prem, Blessy and Leshini were the winners.


We are continually awed not only by the achievements of our children but also by the breadth of service we get from the wardens and teachers.

None of these exciting new developments would have been possible without the support from dedicated members of the community such as YOU.

We are incredibly grateful for and humbled by your generosity and your belief in our work. Thank you for everything that you do!

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15 Jul 2013 14:46 GMT
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