Street collections- volunteers required.
We have a number of Street Collections coming up and require volunteers.

  1. Friday 4th May Tralee.
  2. Friday 22nd June Listowel.
  3. Friday 13th July Killarney.
  4. Saturday 14th September..

These collections are a vital source of income for our service. They are more important now given the accumulative effects of funding cuts over the past number of years. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Therese in our office for information on times and locations of collections in each town.

Launch of sharing the journey.
Sharing the Journey is a support network for parents with deaf/hard of hearing kids. They will be officially launching their service on the 10th of May. It will be held in The Oak Room, Dublin Mansion House from 5–7pm.

If you would like to represent us at this launch, please let us know. We need to RSVP by Friday 4th May. For more information on the launch, contact Theresa on 0879163168 / 0857225659 or email: launch@sharingthejourney.iek.

Launch of new book - Irish Sign Language, a congnitive linguistic approach.
We would like to extend our congrats to Lorraine Leeson on the publication of her new book. Lorraine is well known in the Deaf community, nationally and internationally and is the Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College. The book is co-authored by John Saeed and is the only book of its kind. It is considered to be an essential resource for sign language teachers and interpreters, students of sign linguistics, and learners of ISL in Ireland, this book offers new insights into the role of gesture, spatial models, iconicity, metaphor, and metonymy in ISL grammar, vocabulary and discourse.

The book describes the social and historical background of this signed language and places Irish Sign Language in a world context. The Signs of Ireland corpus is used to introduce phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

It also examines the key influences driving signed language linguistics in the past decade, including: recognition of the role of gesture; the influence of cognitive linguistics; the complexities of iconic representation in signing space; the role of simultaneous construction; and the grammar of ISL. All examples listed are drawn from the Signs of Ireland corpus, one of the largest digital corpora of a signed language in Europe, and are included on the accompanying DVD.

For more information, go to

San Francisco- 1st deaf owned restaurant.
We like to bring you interesting news stories around the globe. Today, we wanted to share a Deaf success story in the business world. In this age of recession and cuts, going into business is a huge challenge for any entrepreneur. When you add in Deaf owners and Deaf staff that communicate via sign language and hearing customers with little or no knowledge of sign language- this could pose many problems.

However, a new Deaf owned Pizzeria opened in San Francisco five months ago called Mozzeria is going from strength to strength. This could inspire Irish entrepreneurs to do something here and create employment opportunities for themselves and the Deaf community.

To see a clip on Mozzeria, go to

Published by: KDRC Kerry Deaf Resource Centre
29 May 2012 15:43 GMT
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