IAHV Peacebuilding Needs Your Support -- Save Lebanon, Build Peace!

The horrific civil war in Syria presents an ongoing crisis for the Middle East, and the international community. Nearly $35 billion dollars has been lost in economic, political, social, health and environmental costs; experts suggest it will take decades to rebuild communities to pre-war levels.

Lebanon is one such country feeling the reverberations of the Syrian crisis, and the UN tracks over 1.3 million Syrian individuals currently seeking refuge from violence, conflict and insecurity. In addition, Lebanese communities on the Syrian border are subject to regular attacks and recruitment activities from the self proclaimed Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), creating an environment of fear, trauma and increased levels of violent extremism. 

IAHV Peacebuilding is now mobilising staff and volunteers to respond and support ongoing peacebuilding activities in Lebanon. Phase 1 included a recent 5 week scoping mission (15 Feb – 20 March 2015), resulting in a range of concrete opportunities where IAHV can apply its core expertise, create added value, and develop partnerships with key local and global partners. We now know there is both the need and the enthusiasm for our innovative approach.

Phase 2 will see IAHV Peacebuilding launch its first pilot initiative in Lebanon and this is where YOU play a critical role. Our challenge is not in convincing people or organisations we can build peace, but to ensure we have the resources to address the critical needs of the Lebanese people and the multiple invitations to partner for peace. Your support will go towards creating this next programme; towards taking this next step; towards a new, more peaceful future. Save Lebanon. Support IAHV Peacebuilding!

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25 Apr 2015 14:05 GMT
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