Visit to Eden Reforestation in Los Angeles

Hello to all our supporters and prayer partners,

I just wanted to give you an update as I leave LA. The last few days I have been meeting with Steve Fitch, the founder of Eden Reforestation Projects. I stayed with Steve and his family in their home in Rancho Cucamonga, about an hour out of LA. They were super hospitable and it was a delight to meet them in their home environment.

Steve is a pastor and the superintendent in charge of about 200 Free Methodist churches in the Southern California area. A few notes of interest about Steve: 1) He has been involved with ERP for a few years in Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti,  2) Recently he discovered a new species of chameleon in Madagascar that is named after him, 3) He recently completed his PhD. with a fascinating thesis titled “ A Convenient Answer To An Inconvenient Truth: How The Church Provides A Solution To The Global Environmental Deforestation Crisis.”  He has his plate very full with so many responsibilities and has just decided to step down his role as superintendent so that he can pursue a full time role leading the Eden Reforestation Projects (ERP). I believe this to be a very good decision. ERP has made tremendous inroads in transforming the physical, spiritual, and cultural landscapes of Ethiopia.

This last year ERP planted more than a million trees in Ethiopia, with plans for 3 million next year,10 million the next year and so on. They are extremely successful with the communities as they were able to hire about 1000 workers to help with their projects, providing a healthy restoration of the land, and provide purpose and hope.

We talked about all of the different aspects of such a project from setting up nurseries, managing workers, forestation and agro forestation principles, community outreach etc. It was a very valuable time and we are looking at the possibilities of what joint venture might look like with Hopethiopia. For more information check out the Hopethiopia Facebook page and check out the link to ERP as well as becoming a member of our Facebook group.

I sincerely thank you for your prayers, they were so important and encouraging. I will send you more updates as they emerge.

Ralph Dubienski

Published by: HOPEthiopia HOPEthiopia
16 Nov 2009 20:35 GMT
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