Friends of Back to Africa: Signup and Save the World's Heritage

Becoming a friend will help us keep our organization operational. Your small amount counts!

Friends should join facebook and twitter to keep up to date with our operations but by becoming a friend you will become officially associated with our organization and will receive a sticker to show you support us. You will also receive a bi annual E-newsletter giving you special information about Back to Africa's activities.

We have 4 categories of Friends' subscription

R100 per year
Family R500 per year
Premium R3 000 per year
Corporate R10 000 per year

Corporate donors will be published in future newsletters & Receive a copy of the Leather bound Back to Africa portfolio

Make your contribution via ammado, either with the online payment facility, the ammado giving vouchers, or by visiting our site!

For more information see Friends on our site.

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30 Jul 2010 08:48 GMT


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