PRCS’ Al Quds Hospital and Khalil Al Wazeer Clinic in Gaza City Targeted in an Israeli Strike

Alquds Hospital 2 PRCS’ Al Quds Hospital and Khalil Al Wazeer Clinic in Gaza City Targeted in an Israeli Strike

(Al Bireh-3072014): The PRCS condemns the targeting of its Al Quds Hospital in Tal Al Hawa and Khalil Al Wazer Clinic in Sheik Ajleen in Gaza city by the Israeli occupation forces this morning. Several floors in Al Quds Hospital were severely damaged, causing their partial collapse, and some parts of these floors were set ablaze, with fumes and smoke spreading throughout the hospital. As for the Khalil Al Wazeer clinic, the Israeli bombing caused cracks in its walls and damaged several of its equipments.

The PRCS states that since the start of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip 24 days ago, the PRCS’ teams, building and ambulances are under attack. The Israeli targeting of the PRCS ambulances have led to the death of one PRCS’ EMT, Mohamad Al Bor’ii (24) and one PRCS’ volunteer, Mohamad Al Abadleh (28) and injuring 40 EMTs in the line of duty. In addition, twenty PRCS’ ambulances were damaged.

Dr. Younis Al khatib, PRCS’ President, Al Khatib called for holding those responsible for the targeting of PRCS’ premises and teams accountable and for bringing them to justice in line with international law. He called on the international community and its human-rights and humanitarian groups to take the necessary legal steps to prevent Israeli occupation forces from targeting medical facilities and crews, and to facilitate their humanitarian work.

PRCS stresses that the targeting of Al-Quds hospital is yet another episode in the series of war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces. The occupation forces have been targeting civilians, their homes, as well as schools sheltering displaced people, medical personnel, medical facilities and ambulances in the Gaza Strip. This targeting constitutes a war crime and a violation of all the provisions of international humanitarian law, which prohibits attacks on hospitals and clinics and formally forbids preventing medical institutions from providing treatment and care for the wounded and the sick.

Furthermore, the law emphasizes the protection of all employees engaged in the operation and management of hospitals and medical centers. This targeting wantonly disregards all conventions which provide for the respect of the Red Crescent emblem, clearly displayed on the Al-Quds hospital and its clinic.

It is to be noted that PRCS’ Al Quds hospital had also been bombed back in 2008/2009 during the attack waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip.


Published by: Palestine Red Crescent Society Palestine Red Crescent Society
02 Aug 2014 08:33 GMT
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