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    Earthquake in Nepal

    Category: International Aid Agency
    Caritas, the international aid and development agency of the Catholic Church and its members agencies in Nepal, have staff members currently in Kathmandu who are working with Caritas Nepal
    • Raised: EUR 67544

    War in Ukraine

    Category: International Aid Agency
    Caritas helped 4,100 displaced and host families in the provinces of Kharkiv, Dnetropetrovsk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia with grants for rent and items such as blankets and wood to prepare them for winter
    • Raised: EUR 4799

    Fighting Ebola in West Africa

    Category: International Aid Agency
    Caritas aid workers fanned out through countries like Guinea and Sierra Leone, going to remote villages, slums and towns to teach people about good hygiene and hand washing as a way to halt Ebola.
    • Raised: EUR 20519

    Global action fund

    Category: International Aid Agency
    Make a difference to millions of vulnerable people in both rich and poor countries.The Global Action Fund is a “where most needed” fund that helps us fulfil our mission while having a global impact.

    Emergency Response Fund

    Category: International Aid Agency
    Help fund humanitarian aid and emergency relief to immediate and ongoing crises around the world.