Neck Hammock Review – Does This Neck Traction Device Really Work?

Neck Hammock

The neck is one of the most vital parts of the human anatomy, but sadly today, it is not treated as such. Usually, the neck is that area of the body that gets fatigued and not cared for.

It is paid little attention because the pain it gives off is believed to be non-fatal, meanwhile, neck pain is one of the major and prevalent health concerns around the world, it is one of the reasons over 15% of the world population has had to visit the hospital in their lifetime.

Neck pain is a resultant effect of several different causal factors. It is estimated that by middle age, between 30% to 50% of people will have an episode with neck pain within a one year period.

While the goal is not to go on about neck pains, it is important to note that most cases of neck pain are due to long hours of driving, or working on the computer, muscle strains or worn out joints, diseases, stress or bad postures.

Neck pain, despite being one of the most common health problems around the world, has yet not enjoyed much research as regards its remedy. Only very few remedies have been discovered to offer neck pain relief solutions. This is the more reason the Neck Hammock remains a treasure pack.

What is Neck Hammock?

Neck Hammock is a revolutionary neck muscle pain relief solution. It is a portable solution for throbbing neck pain. Its simple scheme is the most intriguing value it offers. With Neck Hammock, users do not need the services of a chiropractor to provide you with treatment. It gives an instantaneous effect that instantly relieves the pressure on your neck off.

Neck Hammock In use
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The last five years recorded well over 63 million U.S citizens who had, at one point or the other, problems with neck pain. This fact discloses the huge need for a product which will provide us with treatments as the chiropractors will, and in an accessible and less costly way.

This gadget works in the most amazing way. It derives energy from the strong coordination of the forces of gravity and resistance bands. The effect the combination of the duo provides is an elastic stretch that ultimately improves the user’s posture.

The Neck Hammock is an invention of Dr. Steve Suddell, a physical therapist and an athlete. The innovative invention came about as a result of Dr. Suddell’s desire to get neck pain relief every day at home. His desire for a home-served neck ache relief is what has birthed the availability of the timely neck pain solution.

What is Good Posture?

The genesis of almost every variant of neck pain that is suffered today is posturing. And it is no news, the fact that we need to maintain a good and upright posture, but most people don’t even know what is meant by good posture.

To test your posture and know if your posture might just be a contributing factor to the pain you feel in your neck then go through with this routine below.

Stand vertically against a wall,with your back against it. Spread open your shoulders and then your chest in the process. If your head touches the wall, then, you have a perfect posture but if it doesn’t, you have forward head posture, and that is definitely harmful to the neck.

Good And Bad Posture

That is a step in the right direction, from this point, you can trace the presence (or not) of a connection between your posture and your neck aches.

The Causal Factors Responsible for the Forward-head Posture and Preventive Mechanisms.

Forward Head

According to Wikipedia, the condition is also called the “Scholar’s Neck”, “iHunch”, “Reading Neck.”

The main culprit responsible for the forward head condition is our long hours of staring at computer screens.

Walking around with heads drooping over the mobile device will always result in this neck position anomaly and this, my friends, is taking a toll on your body’s biomechanics too!

The good news is that you can undo the damage. There are several strength training programs that could help strengthen those muscles.

They will help to reposition the neck, but often times, a training plan is not always enough to deal with the problem.

Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is one of the available neck pain treatment options. Regular visits to the physiotherapist for neck pain, would familiarize you with cervical traction.

Essentially, the effective method wanes off the pressure loaded on the neck by exerting force to pull the neck.

The force exerted, stretches down to the vertebrae and other joints around the neck. Since neck pain as a severe condition, it cannot just be left to painkillers and analgesics.

Cervical Traction Xray

Those are only short term solutions that will keep the pain coming back. The better option then becomes the cervical traction. It runs a better management and execution scheme compared to other options, the downside on its use is the fact that it cannot be used indoors.Another option is the use of pain relief balms which are only temporary solutions. The need therefore for a better solution then emerged. And this produced Neck Hammock.

Product Features

The device is loads of dollars less than the cost of its closest competitor. Saunder’s cervical traction unit MSRP, costs over $300 and offers just the same degree of cervical traction as Neck Hammock. It is, therefore, a worthy pick.
The Neck Hammock is a very portable pack. It fits in most small-medium size handbags. If it is the case that you are going on a trip, you could fix it into your luggage.
The device is well tailored to enhance comfort. It wasn’t designed with chin straps and this eliminates chances of TMJ issues. The padding perfectly molds into the user’s head and this way, the chin strap remains unnecessary.
The device recognizes the uniqueness of the demands of different users and is therefore adjustable to provide the degree of tension that is considered suitable to the user. So, if you desire degree of tension, all you need do is move away from the pole or strap support. And if it is the case where more tension is required, then you could move to a position that feels just perfect.
The gadget offers a traction strength of up to 40 lbs, and this is the best anywhere. In fact, further degree of tension for neck pain, is not necessary.
The device is excellently crafted. While in use, users can move around and strengthening exercises can be carried out while at it. It even proves useful to healthcare clinicians who can now prescribe exercise to undertake at home with the Neck Hammock. These are features that no other competitor provides.
You just need to wrap the gadget strap around a doorknob or a pole and it doesn’t get easier.

How it Works

The Neck Hammock is designed for easy use, for the product to effectively function, it needs only a doorknob just something strong it can be attached to. All you need to do is follow the easy steps below:

The fabric strap for the gadget should be mounted on to the door knob, a pole or a rail for support and as a source of tension force. Make sure that whatever it is being attached to is being paralleled against the floor.
Now, stretch yourself over the floor, set your back to face the ground while your neck is propped in a hammock.
The fabric strap for the gadget should be mounted on to the door knob, a pole or a rail for support and as a source of tension force. Make sure that whatever it is being attached to is being paralleled against the floor.
The effect of the tool on your neck is usually instantaneous. Sometimes all it needs is use for 10 minutes or less, for you to start feeling relieved.
The level of convenience it offers while in use, and the required time for the result makes it a more realistic solution for users to utilize for consistent and recordable cervical traction benefits.
The Neck Hammock has been used by several professional athletes and reviews have been awesome. Most of them testify of immediate relief and increased feelings of relaxation minutes after use. Meanwhile, some other test subjects have found it so comfortable that they have fallen asleep while using it.
How It Works

Package Contents

The Neck Hammock:

The package contains a doorjamb strap and long strap for poles or rails as the case maybe. Both were included to allow for flexibility of use. Also contained in the pack is the fully adjustable straps, and this is to alter how far The Neck Hammock is from the ground.

As for the hammock itself, therapeutic and medical grade parts are integrated into foam that wraps around the contours of the head and pads that support the ears and the base of the head for a comfortable ergonomic design.

A bungee cord is also included in the pack. It allows for up to 40 pounds of tension for deep stretching.

The entire mechanism is hand washable and is approved by the FDA as a medical device.

Travel Bag:

The package comes in an easy to move storage pack- the travel bag. The bag makes the mobility of the Neck Hammock less cumbersome and stressful. This means that users can take this product with them while traveling for continued daily use and consistent relief of neck pain.

Eye Mask:

The pack also includes an eye mask that helps you shut out all distraction and concentrate on the process, to get the best off it.

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Differential Factors

It is true that in the past a patient who needed traction had no other choice but to actually visit a physiotherapist’s clinic. This was the case no matter how far away from the doctor the patient lived and this was regardless of how expensive it was to make that journey. As a result, getting oneself treated by a doctor proved to be rather expensive in terms of both, time and money, besides the fact that it was certainly a major inconvenience.

This gave way to corporations beginning to produce devices to be used at home in order to provide traction to patients in need so that these patients don’t have to necessarily visit a physiotherapist.

However, the flaw in most of these traction devices was that they were generally too complicated and troublesome to use. Besides, they were too bulky to be regarded as being portable enough to be taken anywhere. They were also expensive and had high-level risk of causing injury to someone who did not know how to use it exactly.

So, Neck Hammock came about and in contrast to the existing brands, it had a more simplistic design. It is easy to use and has a portable size which makes it easy to be carried around. Very importantly, it is highly effective in giving results without being complicated or injurious to users.

Of course, all of these are the factors that have potentially made it the ultimate device for providing relaxation and relief from pain in patients needing traction.

Final Thoughts

Final Verdict

I recommend the use of Neck Hammock for debilitating neck pains and our recommendation is based on the fact that it is affordable and can be used at any time and pretty much anywhere indoors. You don’t need the help of a doctor to feel better and the efficiency it gives off is second to none.

Using this device helps you calm down, relax, and meditate. All of these things are required for you to have a smooth healing process.

My experience with Neck Hammock has been for several months now. It has ever since my first use, been a must have. It is my saviour on days when my training sessions get tough. The way it works magic on my neck is so impressive, the instant I use my Neck Hammock I tend to bounce back. It has now grown to become an essential part of my weekly routine. I have recommended it to quite a number of my colleagues and they find it awesome too.

What are Pros and Cons?


  • It works quickly
  • It is easy to use
  • Its lightweight size
  • Its affordability
  • Compact pack for ease of mobility


  • The fact that you have to hang it off on something before it works makes the process a little cumbersome to run
  • You have to lie on the ground to use it.
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