Make Researching Dietary and Health Supplements More Affordable

The Task: To petition the government to make it easier and more affordable for dietary and health supplement companies to research possible medicinal properties found in supplements and different foods.

The Problem: In 2015, the government released a guidance document in response to a concern that there isn’t enough research available to support the efficacy of supplements to be used as medicine or a way to treat any condition. The main issue is not their findings, but the fact that now, anyone who wants to research supplements to help improve any healthy condition, must pay $2.3 million dollars

Additionally, if the research proves successful, the FDA will turn the supplement into a drug and will be taken through the approval process. Unfortunately, this process costs billions of dollars. It’s next to impossible to have any supplement patented because few can afford to get the approval process started.

If this continues to stick, many people are concerned that natural natural health alternatives may one day not be available to consumers or even doctors.

The Solution: If those of us who enjoy taking dietary supplements come together and put pressure on Congress to show them how important this research is, we may be able to help stop the guidance document from going into full affect.

Join us in the fight to keep dietary supplement research accessible!

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05 Apr 2017 09:47 GMT
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