Male Extra Review – Can It Help You Last Longer In Bed?

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Satisfying women in bed is one of the men’s aspirations. It’s not unusual to see a man trying to go the extra mile to boost his performance in bed. It is to satisfy his partner and feel good about it. Whether they are in a committed relationship or not. Men like to prove to women that they are sturdy and can keep their partner happy and satisfied. They do this because they don’t want to be seen as a novice with premature ejaculation issues.

Get all the answers you need today

Luckily for men, there are various health supplements or sex boosters that can help them achieve their dreams, though all may not really work effectively. Male extra serve this purpose and has been proven to work effectively in enhancing and empowering men’s male organ to help them function better in bed and last longer during sex with their partners.

What is Male Extra?

It is an organic sex booster additive created into pills with the aim of helping men to reclaim their self-confidence in their relationship by helping them to perform better during sex, last longer, and satisfy their partner. Male Extra is not new to some men that have purchased it because it’s been out for a while now, and some of the men that have used it have greatly testified to its effectiveness.

We are not surprised because the ingredients and formula potency of this superb product speak for itself; it gives the users value for their money, it is a must-have for men that have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Male Extra

With no doubts, the pills can help boost your performance during sex; it can help improve your intimacy with your partner, stimulate your libido, enhance your stamina, make you last longer, boost your erection while it’s also helping to increase the size of your sex organ.

Though these might sound unrealistic, our thorough findings proved that there is an iota of truth in it, but what’s more important is to know how Male Extra works and what it contains.

What Does Male Extra Pill Contain?

The list of components every enhancement supplement contains is vital to its effectiveness; the potency of each of the elements defines the effectiveness and outcome. The amazing fact is, there is no way you can see any other testosterone dietary supplements that have twice the dosage of the primary ingredients with potent formula and 40% pomegranate Ellagic that the pill contains according to their official website.

Male Extra Supplement Facts

Some of the most active ingredients that Male Extra contains that makes it more effective are  listed below;



This is a sort of phenol carboxylic acids that aides the stimulation of a colorless, slightly water-soluble gas that improves the streaming and distribution of blood in your system, this implies that it’s also responsible for increasing blood circulation in your male genital organ, therefore expanding your hardness and pleasure when you’re having sexual intercourse



This is a kind of proteins peptide chain that is likewise essential for increasing the level of nitric oxide secreted in your body, as earlier mentioned.


Muira Puama

Muira Puama Plant

Marapuama is extracted from the herb called titular that is well known to be useful for so many things. It is known as an effective stimulant that enhances or stimulates sexual desires, thereby serving as a remedy for sexual issues, impotence among others related to men’s consistent inability to sustain an adequate erection during sex.



This is another super important organic compound that does not only help to broaden the veins but also helps in bringing down the concentration of histamine; thereby, helping to prevent early orgasm.




This is a well-known component that deals with the secretion of androgenic hormone. It is yeast utilized as sex urge booster for both genders, and it is also an erection booster and effective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Of What Benefits Is Male Extra To My Well-Being?

An appropriate response to this is relatively straightforward; this amazing, powerful blend of components incredibly stimulates blood circulation, but for what reason is blood circulation so significant? Since it is responsible for better, harder, and prolonged hardness, it improves your sexual urge, while also stimulating your sexual urge and pleasure.

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Dosage and Results!

All that we have earlier mentioned is meaningless if we don’t know for sure whether the pill is indeed effective or not, and if it is, for how long does it work.

Firstly, we need to point out the two main factors significant to any wellbeing additive and aphrodisiacs for men: their outcome differs based on individual’s physical make-up, body, and general wellbeing history. Furthermore, Male Extra does not hold an after-effect or require any prescriptions from medical specialists, and you don’t even have to consult your doctors before using it; this is usually our standard counsel.

Mainly on account of the Male Extra, individuals that receive blood flow related prescription ought to be more mindful of this, so it doesn’t interfere with their prescription drugs.

Dosage And Results

Mulling over the above mentioned, this pill looks like an additive that has effectively worked for most of its users; it is even already categorized under the group of the most effective wellbeing supplements that are completely influenced by nature.

The recommended dosage is three pills each day after every meal. Though it might not take effect instantly, it seems you will probably start feeling the first indications of progress in a couple of weeks, in any case, should you need to assess its full strength, three months is enough to do the magic work!

The widespread notion is that this natural supplement is to a higher degree a long haul venture: the outcomes are visible, it’s continuous consumption increases its effect and results that will observe. Most of the men that use it project a rough penis size increment from 0.8” – 2.6”, which is great.

To what extent Does Male Extra work?

Though the results differ, what Male Extra does is to significantly enhance blood circulation in your body in order to increase the size of your male genital organ when it is hard for by half an inch or so thereabout.

When will the pill begin to work?

Though you might not start seeing results instantly, note that the more you take Male Extra, the greater the effects you will see. Also, numerous customers have observed an increment of 0.8 – 2.6 inches in the size of their joystick.

Where Can I Purchase Male Extra?

You can buy Male Extra from their official website where they also have a couple of fantastic deals:

Where to Purchase Male Extra

One Container costs $64.95, and it contains 90 pills that will cover you for the entire month. With the expenses for a tablet equates to $0.72.

3 + 1 Containers and FREE Pro-Hardness Gel: Price of each pill will reduce to $0.54.

4 + 2 Containers and FREE Pro-Hardness Gel: Price of each pill will reduce to $0.46.

Doing the math!

Last, but not the least, let’s observe what it’s going to cost you to start up those sheets once more!

Another great info your pocket will love:

Buy Male Extra
Male Extra Refund Policy

You don’t have to pay for any extra shipping cost: You won’t be billed for any extra shipping fee. According to Male Extra official website, you don’t have to pay any extra fee for shipping. It is because of its free value on whatever your order is.

Full refund policy. Believe it or not, your money can never be this safe. Male Extra allows you to try these pills and give them back in case you are not satisfied with the result. You ship it back to them within two months of your order, and it enables them to pay back your money ultimately.

Moreover, with the way, Male Extra comes in a package. You don’t have to bother yourself worrying if the dispatcher knows what’s inside or not.

Male Extra Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Effective results
  • Can be easily gotten without doctor’s prescription
  • Produced with natural ingredients
  • Harmless to all men regardless of their ages
  • Full money back guarantee


  • Takes little time to see significant changes
  • Some people may find it expensive

Are You Still Contemplating On Getting Male Extra?

Vobue Limited is the manufacturer of Male Extra, located in Cyprus. They are known for their reliable sex enhancing supplements and distributors that make their enhancements in FDA-certified offices. In other words, Male-Extra is part of the group of the most secure, most natural product that people are buying.

The company structured its recipe with additional consideration. Most of their customers’ testimonies concur that it likewise has noticeable, significant, beneficial results. It also has fantastic effects on their sex drive, stamina, erection, and sexual pleasure.

They will provide you with a full refund, and that tells us they have incredible confidence in their product. We propose that you give this supplement a try.

Though, it may not be that affordable or cheap in the market when you compare it to the price of other sex enhancer additives for men. Consider how it will significantly improve your libido, and gently expand the size of your penis. It also works by enhancing your ability to have a long-lasting erection and preventing premature ejaculation. You see, it’s kind of hard to think about the cost alone.

Furthermore, their plus-plus offer brings down the general pill cost fundamentally. You get a little extra help for your forthcoming naughty nights.

With everything taken into account, Male Extra has become famous, and it would seem that there’s a purpose behind that!

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