I Had VERY Good News With Fertility Factor 5!

With 40% of fertility issues being linked to the man, there is clearly a need for a male fertility supplement that helps couples get pregnant. Is it Fertility Factor 5? Let’s find out!

Rated: Excellent

  • Boosts Male Fertility
  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • Helps Sperm Health
  • Assists With Better Sperm Motility
  • Boosts Sex Drive
  • Good For Male Sexual Function
  • May Help Her Get Pregnant

Ingredients in Fertility Factor 5

I can likely thank my lady’s pregnancy to the ingredients in Fertility Factor 5 – an expertly dosed and crafted formula of sperm-friendly nutrients that bring good things and hope to guys with infertility. Fertility Factor 5’s formula has the following ingredients:

Tongkat Ali LJ100 – Tongkat Ali is an Asian herb linked to better fertility and higher testosterone. That’s Tongkat Ali – then there’s Tongkat Ali LJ100, a high potency strain of the herb developed by the government of Malaysia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (yup, MIT) that has shown in numerous studies to help sperm health and stoke the sex drive. This alone is a huge reason to buy Fertility Factor 5!

Panax Ginseng – There is a very good reason why Panax Ginseng shows up in the formulas of some of the best natural virility supplements for men. Studies link it to better sexual health and higher libido.

Zinc – Zinc is poetry for healthy sperm. It’s not a coincidence that studies of infertile men show they often have Zinc deficiency, and that diets high in Zinc have the opposite effect. Zinc is basically a messenger for the male reproductive system. It helps with sperm development and motility.

Selenium – Selenium is another highly sperm-friendly nutrient. Like Zinc, infertile men tend to have low levels of Selenium, and studies suggest taking it in supplement form appears to help sperm development and overall better male fertility.

BioperineBioperine – This is a natural ‘turbo-charger’ that makes the ingredients it combines with to be more effective. You may have seen it in VigRX Plus. Well, it’s here in Fertility Factor 5 too, and makes an already powerful male fertility formula even more effective.

Does Fertility Factor 5 Really Work?

Fertility Factor 5 is a male fertility supplement. As you might expect with a description like that, it’s made with herbals and sexual nutrients that help sperm quality, quantity and motility.

It also helps increase sex drive and overall sexual function.

Like most virility supplements, Fertility Factor 5 workHow it Workss over 1-6 months. You take it once a day and the nutrients gradually build up in your reproductive system. While this process is gradual, once your body puts the nutrients to work, your sperm becomes healthier and there are more of them.

Note this is a male fertility supplement. It’s designed to help what YOU bring to the table and does not address infertility coming from the female partner. Still, it’s a very good supplement, and I can personally attest it improves male fertility because, well, I’ve got a baby on the way.

Before and After:

The ‘Before‘ part of my time using Fertility Factor 5 was like this: I am a fairly healthy dude and sexually active, but my girlfriend and I had been trying to get pregnant for several years and nothing happened.

The ‘After‘ looks like this: a baby bump on my lady’s tummy with a healthy baby growing inside. Yup, I’m gonna be a Daddy, and I personally think it was Fertility Factor 5 that led to it. She got pregnant around four months after I started using the product.

OK, let me break things down a little more from a chronological perspective. I started using Fertility Factor 5, figuring I would review it for this site, but also for a personal reason. We were trying to have a baby, so I gave Fertility Factor 5 the proverbial college try, and I am very glad that I did.

I didn’t feel much of a difference with Fertility Factor 5 for the first few weeks. Around week three I definitely felt the urge to have more sex (yup, that’s possible, and Fertility Factor 5 might turn you into a sex addict if you’re not careful).Buy Fertility Factor 5

But I digress. I kept using Fertility Factor 5. My erections came easier and I lasted longer in bed. These gains continued, and at fours months, she got pregnant.

I’m not saying this will happen for you. This is just what I experienced, though I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility for you as well.

Side Effects:

I had no problems with Fertility Factor 5. I haven’t heard of side effects linked to it either, although that’s not to say it’s completely safe.

You should speak with your doctor before starting with Fertility Factor 5. That is twice as important if you are currently taking medication of any kind or you have a specific health concern or consideration.

Side EffectsDo that before trying any new health supplement, as a heads up, whether it’s Fertility Factor 5 or something else.

That said, Fertility Factor 5 is made at a facility that is CMP compliant, meaning it has to meet strict health and safety regulations. And Fertility Factor 5 will even provide the documentation for when and where your order was made.

You’re not going to get that with a health supplement made in China. And those often come with undisclosed ingredients and toxins that can be ineffective at best and dangerous at worse.

Speak with your doctor before using Fertility Factor 5. But unless there is a specific health factor in your medical background that would cause a problem, I think you’ll be fine.

Pros & Cons Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5 helped my girlfriend get pregnant. That’s a pretty big ‘Pro‘ in my opinion. While I’m not saying it will help all guys in this situation, it brings many benefits, including:


  • Made by the VigRX Company
  • All-Natural Formula
  • Expertly Dosed
  • Made in the United States
  • Excellent Value
  • Can Be Used With Other Male Enhancement Supplements


  • Pricey
  • You Can’t Buy it in Stores
  • Takes At Least 30 Days For Results

My testing found very few problems with Fertility Factor 5. It’s a high impact supplement made by the same people that make VigRX Plus, which puts it pretty high up there in the quality department. Still, I should mention the following.

Keep in mind that most health supplements are going to take at least 30 days to deliver results because your body needs time to process the nutrients in them. Fertility Factor 5 is no exception here, and this doesn’t mean you should demand a refund if you’re not pregnant within 3 months. It just means good things take time.

Speaking from experience, you may find you’re very well-rewarded if you have a little patience with Fertility Factor 5 – both of you.

Where to Buy:

Buy Fertility Factor 5 from its official store only. This eliminates the chance you’ll accidentally buy a counterfeit supplement. While not a huge threat with Fertility Factor 5, you can avoid that completely by getting it here:


Should you buy Fertility Factor 5

Where To Buy Fertility Factor 5I can’t put a price on what Fertility Factor 5 did for me, and if you’re trying to be a daddy, you shouldn’t either.

One bottle of Fertility Factor 5 (which has 30 veggie capsules) costs $59.95. That’s an excellent value when you look at the quality of this formula. But you’ll likely need to use Fertility Factor 5 longer for the results you want.

The 3 Month Supply of Fertility Factor 5 is $159.95 and saves you about twenty bucks in the process. That’s always nice to have. Go higher though and you’ll save more. The 6 Month Supply of Fertility Factor 5 is just $299.95 and comes with almost $60 in savings.

As well, the 6 Month Supply of Fertility Factor 5 comes with Free global shipping. I will definitely take one of those – have you seen the cost of shipping lately?

All told, your best value with Fertility Factor 5 is going to be the 6 Month Supply. You’ll save the most, get that free shipping and, if the stars cross and things go well, you’ll get the results you really want in the form of a new life. Patience, friend.

Product Guarantee:

Money back guaranteeFertility Factor 5 is guaranteed for 67. That doesn’t mean you need to return it if she’s not pregnant by that time. In fact, I encourage you NOT to do that because pregnancies are in no rush even if you are. But it has a generous guarantee period, and that’s definitely nice to have.

Yes Or No:

Fertility Factor 5 is a very enthusiastic Yes for personal reasons, as well as professional. This is an excellent formula, made by the leader in natural male enhancement (VigRX). The value is there and I personally could not have had better results.

It’s not guaranteed, but Fertility Factor 5 is an excellent natural male fertility supplement. Buy the 6 Month Supply and stay the course. Be patient and let it work.Buy Fertility Factor 5

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