DODOW Review & Buyer’s Guide – Is This The Best Sleeping Aid Gadget For You?

Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting but can also have devastating effects on your work and personal life. There will be dark circles beneath your eyes, you’ll be constantly forgetting stuff, headaches and exhaustion will set in. You’ll notice you make small mistakes which will slowly add up to not only your frustration but might also make your work suffer.

Dodow on Table Top

The unrelenting cycle of sleep deprivation will continue on, getting worse and worse every night you. It will become near impossible to stop as well and you’ll feel totally out of control. Your racing mind will keep you awake at night and you will wake up feeling tired, almost as if you didn’t even sleep the whole night. You’ll struggle throughout the day and by night time, you will be frustrated and annoyed. Even though you are tired and want to sleep, your mind will start racing and won’t let you sleep again.

Sleep will seem like a faraway dream and your thoughts will start a motocross inside your brain. You will feel stressed and the pressure will continue to build up, taking you farther away from a good night’s sleep. It will seem as if your brain has completely forgotten how to calm down and relax.

How do I know this? Well, I used to be in the same sleep-deprived boat as you. Until I tried out a remarkable product that helped me in sleeping well.

How Important Is a Night’s Sleep

According to a survey conducted in the United States of America by the National Sleep Foundation, around one in four Americans suffer from bouts of sleeplessness. The same survey also states that nine percent of the people have difficulty sleeping on regular bases. These are alarming numbers because insomnia can easily damage your health and can lead to a lower quality of life. Lack of concentration, mood changes, fatigue, lack of motivation and energy are symptoms that are closely associated with sleeping disorders.

How Does DODOW Work?

The concept of DODOW isn’t new neither it’s a highly intricate piece of technology, but that is what makes it so appealing. This is a compact sized gadget that runs on standard batteries and does one thing really well. You won’t have to fiddle around with settings, adjust sounds or tinker with a smartphone app when you use this nifty gadget either. DODOW simply projects a calming blue light on the ceiling of your room that gradually pulses and allows you to master a relaxing breathing technique. This breathing pattern will help you relax and fall into a calming and solid sleep.

“Isn’t blue light NOT the kind of light you should look at when you want to sleep?” This is exactly what I thought first. After all, we have blue light filters on our tablets, smartphones, and laptops these days. Blue light is constantly being called the worst offender of sleepless nights. Thankfully, DODOW emits a dim hue of blue which has absolutely no adverse effects on the body. The makers of DODOW selected this color only thanks to it’s stress reducing powers.

How Does Dodow Work

One of the best things about DODOW is how simple it is. There are only two cycling modes on the sleeping aid, one is an eight-minute while the other is a bit longer coming at 20 minutes. Both of the modes aim to help you gain control over breathing so ultimately you’ll be able to breathe six times in a minute. The company claims if you breath according to the rhythem the produce teaches you, you will be breathing around six times in one minute. This in turn will activate a tiny mechanism called baroreflex which is capable of balancing the autonomic nervous system.

What Is The Goal Of Dodow?

The biggest goal of DODOW is to take you from an alert mental state to a rather calmer one, which will hopefully take you to sleep city. All you need to do is follow the breathing pattern and focus on the light, this will result in your mind moving from thinking to concentrating on something soothing. This tool is also helpful for those who stay awake for hours thinking about stresses in their lives or feel anxious due to the lack of sleep.

Science That Goes Into DODOW

The basic concept behind this product is Pranayama, the yogic practice that focuses on controlling the breath and calm down the respiratory rate. When you practice this relaxation technique, it can replicate brain activity that only occurs when you are in deep sleep. Scientists at DODOW looked at this yogic practice as a part of the development process and also consulted clinical evidence to arrive at the final product.

Deliberately controlled and slow breathing is known to help reduce stress and ease mental pressure. This, in turn, can help people fall to sleep much easier because they are already in a calmer state. DODOW helps you in achieving this relaxing effect simply by following the light pattern and can actually lower your heart rate resulting in a sleepy and drowsy state which can hopefully lead to sleep.

How To Use DODOW

The designers of the sleeping aid have made it simple and intuitive to use. You won’t want to burden your brain when operating a device that is meant to help you sleep anyways. Simply place DODOW on the bedside table and tap on the touch-sensitive surface once to activate the 8-minute session. If you want the longer 20 minutes one, all you need to do is double tap. Once the duration is up, the device will turn off automatically without any need of input from you.

Another great thing about DODOW is its small and compact size. The device is amazing to carry with you wherever you want, so you don’t need to leave it home when you go on vacation. The device also runs on standard AAA batteries so there is no charging or wires involved. This can help you fall asleep even when you are not in your room with ease. All you need is a bedside table and a ceiling and you are ready to use DODOW.

Features of DODOW

As the device is physical in nature that only uses light, there are no concerns about ingesting toxins or chemicals that can have adverse effects on your health. There are no side effects of any nature when you use the device either, which is a big plus.

You will get the benefits of yoga and meditation when you follow the breathing techniques that are inspired by the practice of yoga.
Cognitive behaviors that retrain the brain will help you better your sleeping schedule and in turn, bring positive changes to your lifestyle.
The light of DODOW and its metronome-like effect will help your brain to focus on one thing and will help calm down racing thoughts. This will help you become calmer and relaxed.
Yes, it is expensive but can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep? Compare it to the other methods that involve monthly intake of pills and you will find out that it is not that expensive. While a sleeping pill bottle might seem the cheaper route to take, you have to consider the refilling costs that will encore almost every month. DODOW might seem a bit expensive but it is just a onetime payment for a device that will last you years to come and will help improve the quality of your life. Think of it as an investment that pays in a good night’s sleep and you’ll find the price relatively affordable.

Misconceptions about DODOW

Blue Light Makes You Stay Awake

Yes, that is true. Blue light hinders melatonin secretion and will keep you awake. However, it is also true that blue light is proven to relax and soothe. The DODOW cleverly keeps the light dim enough to retain its soothing properties but also cause no negative issues. It is tested to have no impact on your sleeping ability at all.

This Seems Fishy. Was It Researched?

The same questions were asked about Yoga and meditation just a little while ago. Times change and so does researches and our understanding. Yoga and meditation both have been extensive researches and there are several clinical studies that support them. Now Yoga is considered to be an essential part of living a healthy and full life. DODOW is based on the exact same principles so it also retains the soothing and calming effects of Yoga and meditation. DODOW is just a product reflecting our collective move towards calming and beneficial yoga practices.

Does DODOW Even Work?

This sleep aid is backed by extensive scientific research and has enjoyed overwhelming approval by the scientific community on how it is capable of calming the human mind and allowing people to fall asleep. All of that won’t matter if people were not falling asleep after using the product. There are over 150,000 units already sold with raving reviews that praise the product for its effectiveness and results. It is simply a product that has shown results.

This Is A Bit Expensive Right?

Yes, it is expensive but can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep? Compare it to the other methods that involve monthly intake of pills and you will find out that it is not that expensive. While a sleeping pill bottle might seem the cheaper route to take, you have to consider the refilling costs that will encore almost every month. DODOW might seem a bit expensive but it is just a onetime payment for a device that will last you years to come and will help improve the quality of your life. Think of it as an investment that pays in a good night’s sleep and you’ll find the price relatively affordable.

Are You Waking Up During The Night?

Waking during your night’s sleep is quite natural. Sleep comes in cycles and once a cycle reaches its end, you can wake up at the slight bit of sound and disturbance. You can even wake up when there is any unconscious stress weighing on your mind as well simply because you are relatively alert at the end of a sleep cycle. Usually, you can go to sleep immediately. However, the actual annoying stuff starts when you can go to sleepy town rapidly.

There are many reasons why that can happen. Stress and to a certain extent, anxiety can also hinder your ability to go back to sleep.

You might have some work-related stress or you simply feel pressured to go back to sleep which can also cause you to become stressed. You might be worried about not have sufficient sleep before the morning alarm inevitably blares.

The fear of missing out on quality sleep can result in you getting more alert. Free and stress are known to kick start a heightened sense of alertness. It’s a physiologically based contrivance that is defined by hyperactivation of the nervous system autonomically. Norepinephrine is released, they are neurotransmitters which can stimulate your brain and force you to stay in a woken state.

A device like DODOW can help you rebalance the autonomic nervous system and break the unrelenting cycle of anxiety and stress that can keep you up without any reason. This can train you and get you the confidence needed to immediately fall into sleep after waking up at night. This is surely going to take some time though, so you can’t expect any sort of magic on the first night.

Relieve Stress with DODOW

Any sort of stress can put all of your systems on full alert which can, in turn, make sleeping a bit harder. This is a natural reaction programmed into our brains. The alert state has helped us survive since the early ages but now it puts your body on alert to face danger when there are no saber-tooth tigers to be found.

DODOW aims to rebalance the autonomic nervous system so you can leave the alert state faster and go to a normal resting state. The rebalancing is very important in making your brain get to a relieved state quickly. The device is not going to help you with all your stressors though, but it will surely relieve needless stress you can face due to the alert state being activated.

Sleeping With DODOW

I was a bit skeptical when I placed DODOW on my side table the first night. I inserted the batteries and turned the device one. Tapped once to activate the 8-minute mode and started looking up at the ceiling. I deliberately selected the brightest option simply because I wanted to see the light pulsing clearly.

I had to place a coaster underneath the small gadget so it would project a bit further down the ceiling so I don’t have to look up straight and strain my neck. It worked wonderfully and I was surprised how fast I was able to fall asleep.

Before and After

Final Thoughts

In just a week I was able to achieve a proper sleep cycle. I didn’t have to struggle with my sleep anymore. The device works wonderfully as long as you concentrate on the light and let go of all your thoughts and worries. My only gripe is the brightness of the device, it could’ve been a bit brighter so people with tall ceilings can still see the light easily. Despite that, I think it is worth the asking price and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from insomnia, distorted sleeping patterns or stress.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to Use
  • Works really well
  • Good design
  • Uses AAA batteries
  • Compact design
  • Auto shutdown


  • Projection angle can’t be adjusted
  • Brightness is on the lower side

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