Entrepreneur cracks micro-payments to herald an enlightened age of giving

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Last week ammado co-founder Peter Conlon was interviewd by the Irish Independent's John Kennedy for the paper's Technology section. The article discusses how coupled with the ammado giving circle, ammado could give really meaning to the social-networking revolution - "In the next few weeks, CEOs of Irish businesses will receive a little card that will enable them to donate €5 to any cause of their choice, locally and globally.

What they don’t realise just yet is this colourful little card could open up a whole new dimension in terms of social networking, micro-philanthropy and empathy marketing. It also means that instant online payments of all sizes get to the charities and non-profit organisations that need them most"

You can read this interview in full on the Irish Independent's website

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16 Dec 2008 16:58 GMT


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