In the areas struck by the earthquake in August 24th the work of the Italian Red Cross - in close collaboration with the Civil Protection - goes on and is currently involved with the activities in support of the affected populations coordinated by the Red Cross National Operations Room (SON).

At the moment Red Cross is present in two camps, one at Amatrice and one at Accumuli in the locality of Roccasalli, where activities such as logistic support, distribution of non-food items, the monitoring and conduction of a census of the population, social-psychological assistance and child entertainment are carried out. Furthermore, in these areas thanks to the two cookhouses of the Italian Red Cross the preparation and distribution of food is performed. The Red Cross cookhouse in Amatrice prepares over a thousand meals a day, destined both to the population and the volunteers in the area.

For the little ones, as well as the entertainment activities already underway in the camp of Grisciano, in Accumuli, a game room has been set out by the Red Cross. Toys, colours and sketchbooks generously donated by various companies and individuals have already been sent to the reception area.

At work from several days, the Psychological Support Teams (SEP) of the Italian Red Cross, that other than being operative at the morgue, have made every effort to give comfort and support to the family members and friends of the victims during the state funeral that took place in Amatrice on Tuesday 30th August.

Amongst the Red Cross Local branch of Rieti an operation room has been activated 24/7, here a desk has been established in order to facilitate donations and family reunifications. The local branch of Rieti is also ensuring a logistic support to the Red Cross operators in transit and has promptly mobilized itself by making available ambulances, medical personnel, a telecommunication team in support and as an enhancement of the existing radio system of the province of Rieti, and by helping with the warehouse storage of the basic necessities gathered for the population affected by the tremor. Furthermore the Red Cross volunteers have been equipping in the town of Pretara a welcome point comprehensive of five campsites.

The Italian Red Cross’ National Operations Room is also coordinating the Restoring Family Links (RFL) service, through the representatives present in the areas affected by the earthquake. The RFL operators, who have been working in support of the Civil Protection during the survey operations for family reunifications, are running a help desk amongst the COC (Municipal Operations Centre) of Amatrice. Additionally, another RFL operator has been working in support to the Armed Forces during the reconnaissance operations that took place in the countries near Amatrice, in search of missing people and of the needs of reconnaissance. In detail and on the recommendation of the Civil Protection Department (DPC), about a hundred people where contacted and after the checks carried out, Red Cross contributed to the successful search of seven cases, including the ones of three people that where found alive.

Currently 122 volunteers are working in the field and 40 vehicles are employed - including ambulances and logistics vehicles. To these, all of the emergency centres already mobilized, the Regional and National Operations Centres which are managing the rotations of the volunteers and the logistics centres of Rome, Avezzano and Bresso dealing with the storage of the materials that will be used in the coming days and weeks, must be added.

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