Day 0

Well, after an early start yesterday morning, we (Natalia, her Dad, Lobo and I - along with all the bikes and a few bags) made good time to the Eurotunnel. Then, the fun began... A Eurostar tunnel was blocked by a broken down train, leading to a 2-hour delay on our crossing. We made good progress down towards Le Mans, when all of a sudden the campervan we hired was left with only 4 out of 5 working gears.

Slowing our journey, we arrived at our friends at about 12:15AM after about 1km of driving. We cannot thank Joe and Andrea enough for the amazingly wonderful beds and fresh eggs and company this morning over breakfast.

We then were able to make it down past Bordeaux and even found time for a quick visit to the longest beach in Europe to stretch everyone's legs. 

We met our fellow riders this evening - what seems to be a great group of Canadians, plus an English couple and Rich to guide us on the road. Pam and Michael made the flight down without incident and now the wet gear is out and ready for tomorrow, but we are hoping to pack it away again in the morning.

Lastly, thank you again to everyone for your continued support! Let's continue to crush this fundraising goal! Thanks!


PS I forgot to mention that Rob (one of our guides), showed us pictures and video of the Col du Tourmalet from today - with few CM of fresh snow. Hoping that clears by Wednesday...

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