Sultan and Sabreen

A request for assistance was received by our partners at Four Paws International to help with securing lions from a zoo in Gaza which had been damaged by the bombings. Dr Amir Khalil and his rapid response team visited the zoo and saw these two lions in horrific conditions.

Sultan & Sabreen in Gaza 

The decision was made quickly to transport these lions to the Al Ma'wa New Hope Centre for the care which they needed. Once at their new home at the Al Ma'wa New Hope centre work began very quickly to provide the much needed rehabilitation necessary for these lions to regain some of their former glory. Any loud noises would have these two taking cover which indicated they were suffering terribly from the trauma which they had been through.

With the incredible dedication of the Al Ma'wa New Hope team Sultan and Sabreen recovered quite quickly, settling into the routine of their new lives, enjoying their meals and much enrichment where they would change from big lions to young 'cats' playing with all the different things the team would provide for them!

On the 3rd of October 2016, Sultan and Sabreen moved to their new home at the Al Ma'wa Reserve. This was the first time in their lives they were off concrete and took their first few steps on natural turf. Sabreen took her time coming out but once out she did not look back and waitied for Sultan to join her in their new enclosure. The two lions have settled in well and enjoy the peace and tranquility of their new surroundings. 

Please help us to continue the care of Sultan and Sabreen and others like them in need through a donation on our site. See below for Sultan and Sabreen's first steps at Al Ma'wa reserve.

Published by: Al Ma'wa Reserve Princess Alia Foundation  for  Al Ma'wa Reserve Al Ma'wa Reserve
23 Oct 2016 08:37 GMT
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