Charmaine's Testimonial

Charmaine Tan who is suffering from end stage kidney failure, was referred to Make-A-Wish by on 28 March 2008. She has been suffering from a congenital eye disease for the past 13 years. Charmaine has unfortunately lost most of her eyesight and her wish was to write and publish a book.

Make-A-Wish quickly got in touch with the Pick Me Up Team and partnered with them to publish Charmaine’s story as part of their self-help compilation: Pick Me Up 2nd Edition. The book is dedicated to Charmaine, her story titled ‘Ceryni’s Secret’ is included as the first story in the book. Her story is accompanied by her childhood & current photos with a touching foreword written by her principal doctor, Prof Yap Hui Kim.

The Pick Me Up team didn’t just stop at getting Charmaine’s story published, they also created a one hour special segment to celebrate her achievement at the World Book Fair on 31 May 08. Charmaine’s mother shared about her daughter’s struggles and the difficult road they took together till today. Charmaine then spoke and thanked the people who had helped her along the way. In a tender and loving moment, Charmaine turned to her mother and hugged her, the most important person in her life.

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14 Apr 2010 17:12 GMT
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