The ammado Giving Widget - What is it?

The ammado Giving Widget is our flagship feature and encompasses our entire powerful donation technology.

The widget offers secure global donations in more than 75 currencies, and most major global and local payment methods. Like the rest of the ammado platform, it is supported by 12 languages. Language, currency and payment methods automatically adjust to the donor's location, so all manual hassle is removed. To provide sustainable support, donors can set up repeat donations directly through the Giving Widget.

You can donate through the Giving Widget all over the ammado platform (view your own Giving Widget by adding /donate to the URL of your ammado profile), but it can also be placed on any website, blog or intranet to allow for donations right there and then - in your own online environment.

  • Nonprofits use it on their websites to collect international donations from their supporters
  • Companies place it on their intranets to facilitate global employee giving programs
  • Bloggers embed it on their blogs to feature their favorite nonprofit or fundraising campaign

Types of Giving Widgets 

You can choose between 3 different types of Giving Widget:

1. The Open Widget

The open widget is our default widget that supports any of our 1.6 million nonprofits (jncluding all US 501(c)(3) organizations) or fundraisers, giving donors great choice.

It is especially recommended for companies wishing to empower their employees to support their favorite nonprofits.

If you want to embed the widget on your own site, such as your company intranet, you can find the code here: Log in for further customization options such as size and color. It takes merely minutes to embed the code on your site.

This is what the open widget typically looks like:

  open widget.png

2. Widget With One Beneficiary  

You can pre-populate the widget to support one beneficiary - either a nonprofit or a fundraiser. Today this represents the most common use of the ammado widget:

  • Nonprofits can choose to support their own organization
  • Companies can choose to collect donations for a company-specific fundraising campaign
  • Bloggers can set up and promote a fundraiser for a personal challenge such as a marathon

Every nonprofit or fundraiser is featured in their specific Giving Widget on their own profile pages. You can view the Giving Widget when clicking the ‘Donate’ button on any nonprofit or fundraiser.

You can get the code or set a company widget to one particular beneficiary by clicking the ‘Promote’ button, which you can find on any nonprofit/fundraiser profile page and then choose ‘Get Giving Widget’.

three fundraisers.png

3. Widget Featuring A Whitelist

In its most powerful form, the widget can feature either multiple campaigns or multiple nonprofits at once. Through a whitelist, a company can set up a widget to display multiple fundraisers or support multiple nonprofits. Or a nonprofit can decide to promote different campaigns of which the nonprofit is the beneficiary. A good example is the whitelisted widget of the Federation of the Red Cross, which is placed on its website at This widget promotes the IFRC's most current and relevant fundraising appeals - and can be amended without having to re-embed the Giving Widget. To avail of a whitelisted widget for you or your organization, please contact

Below is an image of how the IFRC Giving Widget opens up and overlays the text once the ‘donate’ button is clicked on


One of our widget developers shares his tips on getting the best from the Giving Widget here.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

We wish you continued success with your fundraising!

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