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The past week has seen many nonprofit organizations campaigning for donations for their East Africa Crisis Appeals on Facebook using the ammado Giving App.

Fundraising on Facebook: Oxfam Ireland's East Africa Appeal. Donations facilitated on Facebook by the ammado Giving App.
Add the App to your Facebook Page @

We wanted to share a few examples with you to show how the Giving App can be customised for particular appeals to be more effective. Donations made through Facebook work in the same way as regular donations through ammado: 76 currencies are supported as well as dozens of domestic and international payment methods. Donations are transferred to you as usual.

The following Facebook pages give good examples of usage of the Giving App:

Adding the Giving App to your page is quick and easy! To add the App please visit: 

Here you will find a presentation which shows you, step-by-step, how to add the Giving App and how to change the name and give it prominence for appeals.

Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 17.43.50.png

Allowing the App to post to your Facebook wall will help your campaign to spread virally. Individuals are prompted to donate and can do so immediately by clicking "donate" on the status post.

The Giving App can be added to any Facebook Page - and influential supporters or organisations who are interested in your appeal can help increase donations by adding the App to their Facebook pges. Java Republic for example are supporting Plan Ireland's East Africa Appeal on their Facebook Page.

Java Republic supporting donations to Plan's East Africa Appeal on their Facebook Page

As usual if you have any questions our support team are happy to help:

Best of luck with your Facebook Fundraising :)

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